Welcoming in the New Year

It’s that time of the year again to start the journal anew. Time to roll up the sleeves and start attacking the Islamist running dogs again both at home. The running dogs being, of course, those crypto-Islamists and Leftists who are aiding and abetting the Islamists:   helping them to destroy Western Civilisation from within so as to make way for the caliphate.

But where to start?
How about with an easy target, Bill Shorten? Dyson Heydon reported that there is apparently room in the trade unions for officials who are ‘louts, thugs, bullies, thieves, perjurers’ etc. but he failed to report that apparently there was also room in the union hierarchy for a particularly treacherous, self-serving, transparently vacuous little wart to set about lining his own pockets (at the expense of workers he was supposed to be protecting) before going on to become leader of the opposition. As a strong advocate of Gay marriage, moral-equivalence and other Gramscian social-engineering projects designed to subvert and eventually destroy our way of life, should the Australian people ever be stupid enough to elect him, what a gift for the caliphate he would turn out to be. (It’s here that my Aunt Louise reminds me that Shorten makes her laugh, not just because he’s such a fraud, but because he looks like Stan Laurel. However, I don’t want to get too personal here so I won’t labour the point, other than by saying yes, I agree, he does look like Stan Laurel and, yes, he is a fraud.)

Looking overseas now, at someone new trying their hand at this new-fangled, , Islamo-appeasement game. Let’s now turn our gaze, shall we, to that once greatly-esteemed, now just recently-turned nincompoop, Angela Merkel? But what can I say that hasn’t been said already in the face of such sheer incompetence? Given the well-documented utter contempt that Muslims have for infidel women, how could anyone be surprised that hundreds of them would want to grope, rape and thieve there way through as many frauleins as possible should, inshallah, the opportunity present itself? And why would now, on New Years Eve, Allah not now be presenting them with such a great

opportunity? An opportunity to celebrate both the coming of the new year and Allah’s gift of European sanctuary bestowed upon them – by fucking every female infidel in sight? Mohammad 1: “Oh what a bountiful feast has been been prepared before our eyes to celebrate our safe arrival on the shores of the infidel, Mohammad!” Mohammad 2: “Indeed! The demented Berlin one is surely the greatest of Allah’s blessings in disguise! (Let’s eat, shall we!?”)

Turning my sights back home again. This time on that self-righteous, moralising, sanctimonious cry-baby David Marr. A great, anti-catholic bigot, (who previously, in a bye-gone, non-PC Golden Age, would have easily been dismissed by some childish and rather vulgar people as merely a silly old tart), Marr is now regarded by many of his equally mentally-impaired compatriots on the Left as a national treasure. Not least, I gather, for his breath-taking hypocrisy in tirelessly advocating that Muslim homophobes, misogynists and child-molesters be allowed to slip into our county by boat. This, while just as tirelessly attacking Catholic bishops and priests, who are already here, but harbour similar inclinations. The idea that Marr could shed buckets of tears out of sympathy for people who he knows full-well would throw his Gay arse off the nearest roof given the first opportunity (inshallah) shows what a ridiculous hypocrite he really is.

Happily, Marr and the rest of the Left will continue to be – for life, hopefully – beside themselves with fury that a catholic Prime Minister, Tony Abbot – of all people – finally torpedoed this treacherous little Islamo-friendly enterprise of theirs. And that Abbott did it in the nick of time, thwarting an even greater onslaught from the Middle East, just before Frau Nincompoop injudiciously opened her big, fat mouth.

I hope, David, knowing how disappointed and beside yourself you must be with Abbott’s great success, that in reading this you suddenly blow a gasket and suffer a major hernia as a result. It’s my New Year’s gift wish to you.




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