Heading for the Tower…?

What else is happening today?
I see UK MPs voted in favour of banning Trump from coming into the UK. Mostly pandering to their local constituents, no doubt. Local constituents, the overwhelming majority of whom (these days, it would seem) consist of Islamists, their mentally-impaired Leftist sympathisers and a great many cowering dhimmis. So no surprises there.

Gazing into my crystal ball, it won’t be too long into the future before UK MPs are forced to vote against Parliamentary Democracy on the basis that it’s an offense to the eyes of Allah. As a consequence, they’ll be left with no alternative but to dissolve Parliament, tear up the Magna Carta etc, and then follow their new lords and masters up to The Tower where they’ll be subsequently beheaded.

About Austeralix

It's just satire, really.
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