Head MTP honcho, Uncle Tim

In Soviet Russia, political dissidents were certified and locked up in mental institutions by the KGB on the grounds that the dissidents just really couldn’t understand that they lived in a ‘Worker’s Paradise’ – so they just had to be insane.
Funny lot the KGB, hey? (Nyet)

Here in Australia, failure to toe the ‘wonderful Multicultural-Paradise’ line doesn’t pronounce you insane, but results in abusive ridicule, and being shouted-down and denounced as an extremist by the Multicultural Thought Police (MTP). And these are just as relentless as their KGB counterparts when it comes to hunting down and shutting down dissent. (I wonder why it is that every time I see  Race Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane smile I am reminded of a smiling Uncle Joe Stalin?)

At present, admittedly, the censorship straight-jacket straps have been fitted rather loosely. With Section 18C of the Race Discrimination Act in place, and with the MTP on constant 24-hour alert, the jacket is however probably tight enough to rule out the need to start locking people up. But as things worsen in Europe, as Islam’s mask slips further down from its face … As more evidence of Islam’s true nature escapes the censors of the Main Stream Media and slips out onto social media, I wonder how long it will be before the MTP commissars -including Uncle Tim – start screaming that the straps just aren’t working anymore?

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It's just satire, really.
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