What Hump?

what hump3

In the comedy ”Young Frankenstein,” Dr. Frankenstein helpfully suggests to Igor (the hunchback, played by Marty Feldman) that he can perform an operation to fix his hump for him, to which Igor responds with straight-faced surprise: “What hump?” The joke rests on the doctor suddenly finding himself in an awkward position, lost for words. Igor stares at him, challenging  the doctor with his big eyes to break with social niceties and point to the obvious deformity in his back.

Igor’s reaction is the stance adopted and enforced (albeit unspoken) by the multicultural elites (read the latest from NSW Premier Baird, Saturday) when morally hectoring us about taking in more Middle Eastern refugees. They pretend that the gross deformity in Igor’s back (Islam), patently obvious to even the most stupid people, just doesn’t exist and noone should be allowed to suggest otherwise. For the political mantra of the multicultural gestapo that governs us dictates that there is nothing wrong with Igor’s back, fullstop. Besides, Igor himself certainly doesn’t think that there is anything wrong with his back either, because he long ago pronounced it to be perfect, entirely peaceful and in no need of reform – so why mention it at all?

By their silence the political commissars and their Leftist advisers are all in fact asking us, straight-faced: “What hump?” and not allowing anyone to answer because there is no hump, and only a despicable far right extremist would suggest otherwise.


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