Bozo of the Year


The appointment of that David Morrison luvvie as Australian of the Year 2016 signifies a new low in the history of the award. With this shill, the Left has a new darling, a new kind of stick with which to try to morally bludgeon us into submission. This year, the panel of Australia-hating luvvies have made an unusual choice, very different from their usual rubbish.

This time they declined to choose a volunteer, muslim-Australian health-worker just back from holidaying in Al-Raqqa (minus his Kalashnikov), a union delegate not yet under investigation by ICAC (rare), or a Palestinian-Australian human-rights advocate who supports the humane stabbing of Jews (in context.) And, to the credit, they had the good sense not to choose a slightly psycho, gender-reassigned, military LGBQTI advocate who worries that she might die before a tranny ever becomes Australian of the Year. Nor did they nominate yet another belligerent, half-crazed, indigenous, spear-wielding madman. No, all these are rather too common, run-of-the-mill, predictable nominees. Alas, politically sound, with impeccable Leftist credentials that they may be, such nominees have become rather too tiresome over the years.

This year, time for someone different: A Great White Hope. For the very first time the panel have chosen someone completely different to push their maniacal agenda. For their Australian of the Year role model, the panel gave the gong to – shock-horror – a self-confessed, self-loathing, white, heterosexual, Anglo-Saxon, middle-aged, male – a WHAMM.

A sickeningly enthusiastic convert to the Leftist group-think, Morrison was quick to voice utter disdain for his contemptible lineage. It must have been music to the Left’s ears when, without showing any visible signs of duress, Morrison openly declared the self-loathing and disgust he has for his own kind – a WHAMM – on the public stage, before the cameras of the nation’s media. Morrison effectively apologised for being a WHAMM,  and added that he had – as a consequence of being one of the same – a lot to learn. He couldn’t have been more abject in his confessions. Nor more pathetic.


As already noted, Morrison’s mea culpa seemed devoid of any coercion.
With the Soviet and Chinese show-trials of the 1930’s and 60’s, the “good” communists endured months of torture, brainwashing and sleep-deprivation before publicly denouncing themselves to the world. Reading from prepared scripts, they declared that they hadn’t been good communists after all and deserved nothing more than a bullet in the back in the head (which they subsequently got.)

There was none of that for Morrison.
His confession came straight from the heart. Without any prompting Morrison cheerfully proclaimed what the Left has long insinuated: that being a WHAMM is a crime against humanity. Morrison confessed – and I’m paraphrasing here -that he was precisely that, a criminal, as a consequence of his own shameful birth (to despicable Anglos) and thus in need of reeducation (if not eradication.) Perhaps not so put in quite so many words, but we got his drift.


It wasn’t electrodes slapped on Morrison’s testicles that forced this confession out of him. No solitary confinement for months on end. No sleep-deprivation, no rubber truncheons stuck up orifices, no threats of summary execution, no broken glass for breakfast instead of cornflakes. No Chinese water-torture or bamboo slivers under the fingernails. And no having to learn to recite the thoughts of Chairman Mao backwards while being buggered by whichever prison guard happened to be on duty at the time. Instead, the statement was invoked entirely voluntarily. At least it seemed so. For that reason Morrison’s treachery towards his fellow WHAMMs was that more contemptible.

In Lenin’s time, it was the crime of not being born working-class which got you shot, or a one-way ticket to Siberia. These days, according to the modern progressive Left’s little Green Handbook, it is a state crime to be a WHAMM. And it was with no sense of shame that Morrison – more or less – gleefully owned up to being one.

It has since occurred to me that Morrison might have been violently bitch-slapped into the confession, in advance, by that half-crazed, militant transsexual, drop-dead gorgeous mentor of his, Catherine McGregor. But I can’t be sure. Though it is fun to think of it in that way, I think most of your would agree. Particularly if they had both been wearing stilettos at the time.

Nevertheless: Yes, says Morrison, I confess, I am a WHAMM. Guilty as charged. And I – and all other WHAMMs out there by implication – have a lot to learn (i.e., be reeducated by the non-WHAMMs.) Note: The ‘reeducation’ process includes learning that it is a good thing to have the tax-payer fund gender-reassignment for military personnel who want to march as women in the Gay Mardi Gras, instead of as men.
That sort of thing. Important defence stuff.


Morrison’s contrition over being a WHAMM and in need of re-education, was blurted out as a grovelling, sycophantic apology to the unstable – but drop-dead gorgeous – Catherine after he/she apologised to him and everyone else for slamming the panel’s appointment of Morrison, instead of the more deserving (her.) Maybe Morrison was afraid of being bitch-slapped again, who knows? Either way, after this brief and hilarious little spat, the decision to appoint Morrison Australian of the Year was shown up for what it was: completely ludicrous.

Then Morrison compounded it all, almost as an afterthought, by declaring himself to be a Republican and that he would be shoving that agenda down people’s throats too. How can anyone now take the Republican cause seriously when both Morrison and that loud-mouth, nincompoop, boof-head – but otherwise greatly-esteemed – Peter Fitzsimons are closely associated with it? You can’t.


However, there is an even more serious matter at the heart of this dark day in the history of the awards, and it is this. As a public spokesman, Morrison’s disparaging regard for himself as being a WHAMM in need of reeducation opens the way for the public to demand his immediate resignation followed by his prosecution in our courts. For, if we take the WHAMM letters in order, the 2016 Australian of The Year, David Morrison, deserves to be prosecuted as a racist, a sexist, an advocate of Anglo-Saxon ethno-cleansing, an ageist and a chauvinist.

David Morrison’s appointment as Australian of the Year is nothing short of a public disgrace, as is the award itself and as are the progressive elites presiding over it. Far from being a means to gravitate attention towards otherwise noble issues, such as gender-equality, the Republic, diversity, etc., Morrison should be recognised for what he is: a Leftist stooge.  A political stooge serving as a pliant mouthpiece for the Left’s seditious campaign to re-engineer Australian society.

Many thousands of infinitely more deserving people in the community were overlooked when they chose this guy. By selecting this bozo (for that is what he is) with the intent of continually hectoring us for an entire year with their bankrupt ideology, the Left have, in effect, used the Australian of the Year 2016 award to instigate a quasi-Stalinist show-trial, but in reverse. A kind of reverse Stalinist show-trial, where the mentally-unimpaired, recalcitrant populace (the overwhelming majority of us) who don’t conform to the Left’s crypto-Marxist double-speak, are regularly pronounced to be uneducated bogans in dire need of reeducation – or eradication.

The best way, then, for mentally sound people to deal with David Morrison’s political appointment as Australian of the Year 2016 is to ignore it, and to regard him as nothing more than a total bozo. For that is what he is.


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  1. Phillip says:

    Well written but is he really hetero?


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