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Triggs’ Idiocy Finally Surpassed by UK Coppers

The latest news from the UK would normally be enough to warm the cockles of Gilllian Triggs’ heart. The UK police have suppressed their knowledge that a known British jihadist (Aseel Muthana) secretly fancied boys, ensuring that he could remain free … Continue reading

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Policy Flaws

I can’t make up my mind who I want for President: Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump. Unlike the rest of those transparent frauds, both Sanders and Trump have given careful thought to the world’s problems and have come up with their own unique solutions … Continue reading

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Green Door Knock

My New Year’s resolution of giving up strangling the odd drifter who occasionally strays into my yard nearly came unstuck yesterday when a couple of Greenie activists rapped on my front door. Dropping in to canvas for my support in … Continue reading

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