Progressive Poison

The campaign to marginalise then eventually criminalise heterosexual behaviour has hit a major snag:  heterosexuals. Turnbull, the Left’s darling, has to take time off from looking at himself in the mirror to make a decision as to whether or not this tedious bunch of bigots (mainstream Australia) should be completely ignored, on the advice of University of Western Australia Emeritus Professor Bill Louden – who recently reviewed the Safe Schools social-engineering program and more or less pronounced it harmless – and the full blown roll-out of this progressive poison be given the green light.

And you can bet Turnbull, with a couple of minor cosmetic changes, will go for the green.
Preening himself and pandering to his adoring fans on the Left has always been uppermost in his mind since the coup in September last year, so everything that comes out of the Left’s ultra-whacky-land is on the table.

And boy, is this out of ultra-whacky-land.
Hiding under the criminally fraudulent description of being an anti-bullying program, the SS program seeks to deconstruct our society, piecemeal, starting from the bottom up. In the meantime, opponents to this agenda which progressives have stigmatised (i.e., all people who oppose their lunatic thought bubbles), Turnbull needs to continue to give the bum-shrift to. And receiving more accolades and kudos from the Left for ignoring his conservative wing will heighten his progressive aura, as well as likely to increase his chances with hot leftist chicks like Leigh Sales (which, admittedly, is entirely excusable.)

However, in this instance, it’s main-stream and conservative Australia’s objection to the SS program that is being stigmatised. Being voiced in opposition is a big, fat objection to allowing a crazed ideological minority indoctrinate Australia’s kids, from an early age, with a perverse and twisted view of the world. And the screaming, hysterical Left, as usual, is trying to shout the objections down. Opposing the Safe Schools program in any way is bigoted, they scream, heteronormatively fascist and ” has no place in 21st century Australia.” Full stop.

For, according to the progressives’ totalitarian and very Marxist play-book, heteronormative thinking is just a capitalist construct designed to maximise their profits. The only way to cure the world of this ill is to completely expunge it from our children’s thinking at the earliest age. “Gender fluidity” is the norm, say the progressives. Heterosexuality should be shunned. Everyone should be allowed to f**k whoever or whatever they want, and change their gender to be whatever the f**k they want, without sanction – and stick their fingers up at their parents and teachers in the process. That’s because heterosexuality lies at the heart of the vile crimes that the The West has perpetrated on the world for which it should be utterly condemned. Heteronormativity, therefore, should be shamed, persecuted and then criminalised out of existence. Along with its evil host, the White Race, it has no place in the 21st century’s Australia.

I await our Great Leader’s decision on this one.

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