Child-Abuse Averted

roz ward

George Christensen and other conservatives got it right when they said that the government changes to the SS program were better than many of us could have hoped for. Short of completely scrapping it, that is. Turnbull deserves credit for a good compromise, and the right to more mirror time this weekend. But not too much more.

The program seems to have been completely gutted of all the freaky stuff (kinky role-playing, gender reassignment thought-exercises, etc) which Shorten and the rest of the Leftist deviants apparently believed appropriate to be served up to kindy kids along with their cornflakes every day. And, notably, Simon Birmingham assures us that SS will be for secondary-schools’ eyes only and that LGBTQIA proselytising will play absolutely no part. The latter will no doubt send some of the ideological perverts in the Safe Schools Coalition, like Roz Ward, into a complete tizzy, which would be another good outcome. A bonus would be if someone films her in the process and we get to watch it on YouTube.

How adults get their rocks off behind closed doors is their business, but trying to brain-wash children barely old enough to pronounce “paedophilia” with it is just that: paedophilia.

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