Dee Madigan – Islam Apologist

Another thing enough to make you want to vomit was watching, on Paul Murray last night, Dee Madigan, the intellectually challenged Lefty excusing the latest outrage by comparing Christian terrorism with Muslim terrorism again. Fortunately they had Rita Panahi at hand to point out in time to the audience what a complete dick she is. Not in so many words, but it was obvious to anyone that that is the case by her referring to a Time Magazine report about white supremacist terrorism in the US. As though Islamic terrorism in the rest of the world didn’t count. Even then, when Rita asked her to cite examples, she couldn’t, instead resorting to yelling and shouting her down her opponent. Standard leftist tactic whenever they are exposed as over-emotional idiots.

Madigan has a track record on the Paul Murray show of going absolutely psychotic every time Christianity is mentioned. Hysterical, virtually frothing at the mouth, she pounces on and attacks Christianity at every opportunity, particularly anytime the slightest hint of criticism against the religion of her Muslim buddies is raised.  The very last thing she is going to do is admit to the widely held perception – although it didn’t come from me, and I deny it completely, so it must have been someone else –  that comparing Christianity to Islam is akin to comparing a common head-cold with the Ebola virus. Rita and most clear-thinking people on all sides of the political divide would probably agree with the idea but I have no proof.

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1 Response to Dee Madigan – Islam Apologist

  1. Rita says:

    Mad-igan used to be nearly normal. Her irritating stridency has come about since Al Jezeera’s ABC throws here some morsels from time to time and allows her to appear on the Drum and other panels of that ilk. A loud anti-Christian, anti-conservative, anti-decency stance is the cost you pay if you want to suck at that tax payer funded tit.


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