Is This Just Me?

While at the same time feeling total remorse for all of the latest victims, I have to ask myself: is this just me? Am I the only one who feels like throwing up over the Main Stream Media’s mandatory, post Islamist-attack kumbaya moments? The moving images of people laying flowers, the praying and the lighting of candles – close-ups of which absolutely have to include someone wearing a hijab?

The now tiresome, feel-good “Je suis Charlie/Paris/ Brussels/Bali/Sydney/London/ New York/ Nairobi/San Bernadino/Moscow/Ankara” (etc – you get the picture) platitudes. The soppy, pathos-ridden solidarity cartoons, the waving of flags, the lighting up of the Eiffel Tower, etc. The hand-wringing, the inane “Why, oh, why?” interviews from clueless reporters on the scene. The stupid Lefty “This-has-nothing-to-do-with-religion” twitter type hashtags, the stock-standard “Our thoughts and prayers go out to…” guff and the “We will do everything possible to hunt these people down” bull-sh*t from our leaders …
Am I the only one who feels this way – or am I being just a meany?

Isn’t all the above so absolutely pathetic that you wish that the  MSM instead would just  the pretense and instead just repeatedly scream out at us through our screens “Kill All Muslims”  – no, I didn’t mean that – scream out, “We haven’t a clue what else to show you other than this luvvie mush, so try switching to the Shopping Channel instead”?
Or is this too much to ask?

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It's just satire, really.
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3 Responses to Is This Just Me?

  1. David Lawrence says:

    Spot on mate


  2. Rita says:

    No, it’s not just you. I have grown also terminally tired of this incessant, predictable incestuous (*) circle onanism. And then the promise of the jihadi sponsors of a backlash that never comes, and the jihadists’ whining about the backlash for next weeks bombing. ARRRRRGHHHHHH


  3. Rita says:

    Whoops, forgot to note the (*): I call these circle wanks “incestuous” because the onanists all share that empty space that in normal folk is filled with a brain.


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