Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor and Your Huddled Masses … Not

louise arbourLouise Arbour
Speciality: Helping Muslims to destroy the West 

After watching the Munk Refugee Debate (Go here for the debate online) the other night, you could wonder what planet that feather-brained nincompoop Simon Schama lives on. As I confided to a fellow dissident at the time, it was all I could do to stop myself jumping through the TV screen and) bitch-slapping Schama all across the stage. Mindful of being in front of an audience of millions, decency dictated that I would have to try to do it gently, and not put the boot in at the same time. But I fear that I might have set a bad example and the thousands of others from the studio audience lining up behind me might have likewise been too lenient.


Not so easy on that treacherous UN-apparatchik, Louise Arbour. A vile extreme left, Canadian feminist, an ex-UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Arbour had the audacity during the debate to equate Muslim migrants with the millions of immigrants who have preceded them over the centuries, stating there is no difference. Louise Arbour, the former Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunals who, during the debate, demonstrated complete indifference to the real victims of the Middle East, Christians and Yazidis, preferring to champion Muslim economic migrants and  a few thousand jihadists instead.

This shameless advocate of the destruction of Western Civilisation, well-fortified in her own elitist ivory-tower, apparently thought it amusing that Europeans should be raped, molested, assaulted and killed by Muslims as a consequence of her own actions. For Arbour’s allegiance to the human rights and welfare of Muslims apparently far outweighs the pathetic rights of the privileged white indigenous Europeans. Above all, it makes her feel all warm and fuzzy deep down inside: and that’s what really counts with her, as it does with the other similarly deranged. And besides, drawing an enormous salary each day will ensure that she won’t have to live next to any of that trash any time soon.

Mark Steyn and Nigel Farage were far too easy on her. And the mostly Leftist, audience were far too nice with her. But the latter is not surprising given that the debate was in Toronto, which is deepest, darkest bleeding-heart liberal Trudeau country.


Louise Arbour would be declared a war criminal in any one’s book, except that of a Muslim’s. For that reason I believe that we should twist things around in order that she gets a good taste of the sort of medicine dished out under the perverted laws she is advocating for future European generations.

In this regard, for example, I see no reason why Arbour should not answer for some of the crimes perpetrated against Muslims in Europe. That outrageous crime perpetrated on New Year’s Eve, perhaps, when thousands of Arbour’s tired, poor, and huddled sexually perverted masses in Cologne were confronted with the gross indecency of the uncovered infidel women and forced to act accordingly. It was the German women’s shameless immodesty which was the crime; demanding, in accordance with Allah’s divine Will, that the women should be immediately raped. For that reason, some infidel somewhere was responsible for this obscene enticement by the filthy infidel women: not any Muslim. Muslims are blameless.

Why not make Louise Arbour the scapegoat, then?
Guilty of complicity in the Europe disaster which precipitated the crime, she should offer herself up in simultaneous atonement to the West and her beloved Islam as a sacrificial lamb, or a goat (whatever your average Muslim would like to imagine her to be at the time.)  Turning up in the middle of Molenbeek, stripped completely naked, would be a good start, perhaps with a pig’s knuckle stuffed enticingly in her mouth. (If I’ve done my research of the sacred texts properly, gang-rape would be mandatory in such a circumstance – but I may be mistaken.)
Failing that, Louise Arbour should be immediately shot as a traitor.

Am I being too harsh on her?
(Answers on a postcard, etc.)

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