Gold Logie Outrage

“Uncle” Tim Soutphommasane
A little Stalinist sh*t?

The Left’s insidious apostasy laws were once again in the news last Thursday when Race Discrimination Commissioner “Uncle” Tim Soutphommasane denounced as “casual racism” remarks by a Channel 10 presenter highlighting discrimination against Australia’s White population.  Commenting on the fact that Waleed Aly, and Lee Lin Chin made it to the Gold Logie short list, and none of the presenters did, one of them joked that they must have been “too White.”

Ever-watchful of deviations from the party-line by media “social-misfits,” his model no doubt being Soviet Russia, it didn’t take long for this contemptible little Stalinist to pounce on this otherwise innocuous little joke.  Not much different at all from the religious police who beat and hound women in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Iran for the slightest breach of their perverted dress codes, the fanatical Uncle Tim and the rest of his Leftist clique immediately denounce any similar apostates deviating in the slightest from their grand scheme to turn Australia into a Multicultural hell-hole (that is: totally devoid of whites).

It is imperative, therefore, that anyone above their station (i.e., whites) who dares challenge the multicultural orthodoxy is to be mercilessly crushed. And so, reciting from his ‘Little Red-book of Multicultural Apostasy,’ the smug, Chairman Mao-like Soutphommasane raised his squeaky little voice in outrage once again, and squealed: “racism”  And that was enough to start the ball rolling in The Guardian to shut dissenting whiteys down again.

Unelected elites attacking free speech made in defence of your own race, is one thing: hidden agendas are another.

Firstly, that Uncle Tim and his treacherous bunch of Marxist thought-police are beside themselves with joy that the Gold Logie short list includes a slippery Muslim of dubious repute speaks volumes about where their true allegiances lie.  Secondly, that the Left rapturously applaud the inclusion in the Logie list of an unquestionably ugly SBS newsreader, one who has annoyed people (like me) every night for the last 25 years by insisting on over-enunciating her vowels, shows just how sick they really are.

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2 Responses to Gold Logie Outrage

  1. Rita says:

    Genuine enquiry: Is the Muslim Brotherhood sponsoring the Golden Logie award this year?


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