What Lies Beneath

Mona-ShindyMona Shindy
Ex-ADF heart-throb? (let’s hope so.)

The revelations last year that the Muslim ADF and mainstream-media heart-throb Mona Shindy holds typical Muslim views should come as no surprise to anyone. Just scratch the surface (for example, by giving them a Twitter account) and all that suppressed anti-Western bile starts to spray out everywhere. Like babies with projectile vomiting, they can’t help themselves. (And all that puke makes you want to puke up right back at her, and that’s what I’m doing here.)

But let’s face it, what is more revealing is reading the emails published last week in The Australian which show the defence chiefs scrambling and falling all over themselves trying to cover up the horror of what really lies beneath. But the covering up the sudden discovery of a crypto-Islamist in the ADF is not in itself surprising. For what else could they do? It had to be: ”Better not let the public get any insight into what’s inside the mind of this “moderate” Muslim woman we were once stupid enough to appoint as head the Guided Missile Frigate Program, or we’ll be up shit creek as well.”
They had no other option.

Of course, if she had been a contemptible Christian, like Bernard Gaynor, Shindy would have been given her marching orders forthwith. But being a Muslim, and one of their heart-throbs, every effort will be made to keep a lid on it, so as to stick with the delusional “Muslims can be good citizens too” public narrative. An entirely deranged narrative which must be stupidly maintained at all costs. Otherwise, revelations like this will only confirm what the public have thought all along: that their leaders are all idiots, really, and,  in most cases, a bunch of lying hounds.­

If Mona is sacked, I hope she is forced to walk the plank off Shark Bay somewhere and take that Australian of the Year fool with her. (That would  be a shock-horror of the really good kind.)  My guess, though, is that, after all of this settles down, she’ll be told to quietly leave and take up some position in the multicultural industry instead: a place where she can be gushed and fawned over again while making everyone around her feel all warm and fuzzy-like.­

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4 Responses to What Lies Beneath

  1. Joe Bonnell says:

    This moslim should NEVER have been admitted into our military whatsoever! Moslims have proved that they can’t be trusted, that they have a vengeful hatred of Australia and our people. Get rid of ALL moslims within our military and our security positions. They are all waiting for the time when they can unleash the worst of their terror upon Australia. In view of all this, our leaders should ALL be sacked. Turnbull is a TRAITOR in pandering to the moslims and making out they are good peaceful people.


  2. Jared duncan-watt says:

    This article states no facts as to what ‘what lies beneath’ really is? I mean it avoids stating facts and instead recites slogans like ‘anti-western bile’ in place of facts. It then vaguely refers to these ‘facts’ published in the Australian without stating what they are and generalises authorities figures. Seems like a solid argument


    • Austeralix says:

      It’s not often that I get the chance to approve the posting of critical comments to my posts, so thank you for the opportunity,
      You shouldn’t take this site so seriously. It’s supposed to be a parody of people of far Left ideology, political correctness gone beserk and Islamism.
      So, given such a worthy cause, why let the facts get in the way of good satire?
      But, to answer you seriously: people can google the details of Shindy’s Islamist activities/tendencies and her shameless use of her official, supposedly inclusive position of power to push divisive Islamist beliefs/grievances. (You’re right about anti-Western bile. I should have said “Islamist bile.”) But her tweets, postings and statements compromising and abusing her position of power have already been published all over the web. (Read Wednesday’s Australian Op-ed which covers most of them rather succinctly.) She should be drummed out of the armed forces. But if you don’t think she’s done anything wrong, that’s okay.


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