Mona Shindy – Distressing News

Captain Mona Shindy
Keel-hauling – out of the question too?

(Caution: Trigger-Warning)
After my post yesterday I’ve been inundated by emails pointing out a deplorable state of affairs. And that is, Naval Court Martial tribunals presiding over cases of high-treason, are no longer free to sentence their traitors to “walk-the-plank” – over shark-infested waters, or otherwise.

But of course I knew that.
It was just my desperate attempt to limit the justifiable sense of outrage among this blog’s overseas readership base once they realise how far Australia has descended under the jack-boot of multiculturalism. For the disappointing news is that Mona Shindy is bound to get something far less deserving than being fed to the sharks. And once readers learn, also, that the second best option (and my favourite), that Shindy be hung, drawn and quartered, has also been outlawed – “because it is too passé *” – by our vile ruling-elite, who knows what they’ll do?!!!

So, in a few minutes, distraught readers on the other side of the world will wake up to find that Shindy will not get her just deserts after all. Instead, she’ll  get the standard Aussie Multicultural Package: a grovelling apology on bended-knee from the ADF delegation and a big, fat pay-out from the ADF for 1. Islamophobia (intercepting a Muslim’s tweets), and 2. Sexism (“Whose f**king side are you on anyway, you bitch?”)
Once my outraged readership see this, they’ll have no alternative but to go bezerk.
And who can blame them?


*As is “keel-hauling,” being “hung from the yard-arms” and being slowly sliced up by a giant, electric meat-cleaver(which once traditionally served as a deterrent on any voyage that included Mohommadans or Greenies in their ship’s complement), before being fed to the sharks.
Alas, all gone.

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