Too Much to Hope For?

Riyadh Trip: Too  much to hope for?

Today, in the news, another example of the lengths Islam will go to in order to shut down the conversation when it gets anywhere near the truth. This time it is through blackmail. The Saudis are threatening to sell $750 billion of their US assets to preempt the possibility of them being used as compensation for their complicity in the 9/11 attacks. This, should Congress shortly pass a bill it’s got currently running in the Senate; a bill which, finds the Saudi Kingdom guilty-as-hell – and removes their immunity from prosecution. (Can’t wait, can you?)

As we know, the Saudis have constantly denied any culpability in the attacks, blaming it all, of course, on Islamophobia, or the Jews, etc – despite 15 out of the 19 hijackers coming from “some sh*t-hole” (my italics) located in that same, generally sh*t area. It is only due to a US 1976 law that the US has so far been unable to hold to officially blame that same “sh*t-hole” (wherever it may be located) in which the same Saudi Royal Family, banks and charities guilty of bank-rolling the attacks were based.

Is it too much to hope for, then, that, during his trip to Riyadh this Wednesday, after finishing another one of his soaring eulogies, praising and glorifying the wonders of Islam, Obama will put aside his personal copy of the Koran, grab King Salman by the throat and publicly denounce them all as “a bunch of scheming, lying and murdering, Wahabist mother-f**kers” – then tell them to pay up?
Yes,  it is.

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