Give Islam An Inch …

caningCreeping Shariah in Indonesia

The caning of the 66 year old Christian woman for selling alcohol in the Indonesian province of Aceh last week is more proof of the insidious and diabolical nature of Shariah Law. Once any of it takes hold, the rest soon follows. It’s only a matter of time.  It has to be fully implemented for Islam “to work.”

As part of the agreement to end the insurrection in Aceh in 2001, the Indonesian government allowed the Islamist rebels to govern under a restricted version of Shariah law. Until last year Christians and other non-Muslims were exempt, but, praise be to Allah, the introduction of a Shariah bye-law last year extended the theocratic prison further, so that “under certain circumstances” non-Muslims now found themselves incarcerated in it. There is not doubt, that at a later date, the laws will morph to mean “in all circumstances.” And after that, inshallah, you will have more, such as bordering provinces needing to start implementing their own Shariah practices in order to trade with Aceh or so as not to be attacked or killed for their wickedness. Thanks to the prophet (no peace be on him) and his followers, this is the way Islam has worked and spread over the centuries.

We only have to imagine that scenario transplanted to Australia where caving into Muslims pressure and granting them the most seemingly innocuous demand, such as introducing a family law component of Shariah in the interest of the usual multicultural harmony clap-trap, would be disastrous. Islam is relentlessly, albeit mostly secretly, champing at the bit, pushing for just an inch, with its eye on the eventual mile – and it can never be fully satisfied.

Agreeing to any of the Islamist agenda in Australia , such as any of that pleaded for by that unctuous and dissembling creep, Keysar Trad, of apparently innocently by the treacherous Captain Mona Shindy, would be just the foot in the door that they need. The thin end of the wedge. As in Aceh, or in the many no-go areas now in Europe, it will only be a matter of time before the full mile is eventually reached. But Islam has plenty of time. Jihad is forever and a day and Muslims have forever to bring about Allah’s victory.

Granting any aspect of Islamic Law favourable consideration in Australia, to even the tiniest degree, is sheer lunacy. The response to any demand for it should be no: forever. And every single one of its advocates, Muslim, Green or other ignorant, multicultural half-wits, should be arrested for aiding and abetting the enemy and severely dealt with. (My usual punitive demands should apply: gaol for life, deportation or summary execution: whatever’s the cheapest.)

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