The God-Awful Truth, And Nothing But The Truth

safe spaces

Most of us in the West are now sick to death of the media’s relentless campaign of moral outrage over the Middle Eastern migrant crisis: its 24-hour, non-stop hysterical onslaught of virtue-signalling that aims to bludgeon us all into accepting complete guilt and total responsible for their plight. That is, (a) Western intervention in the ME caused them to run for their lives, and (b), we’re all got plenty of room and money, so it’s all our fault and we just have to solve the crisis by embracing diversity and letting them all in: every, single, last f**king one of them, en masse. And that you’re a heartless, racist bigot if you don’t agree.

The media’s campaign has spared no effort to suppress the public backlash: the loud objections and protests about allowing in millions of refugees, most of whom’s lifestyle involves going to the local mosque on Fridays before rocking up to the local swimming pool to look for someone to molest. That is, rather than, say, going to the local pub to play darts on Fridays, just like normal, perfectly sane, non-perverted-type people. A campaign, where every effort is made to denounce the locals who oppose opening up their doors to these sort of people: the sort of people they know would enjoy watching them have their heads removed  – if it meant getting their hands on all or that free infidel stuff any time soon. You know, Muslim-type people. But nasty Islamophobia of this kind (opposition to being conquered or killed by Muslims) will not be tolerated by our elites (who don’t have to live among all this garbage) and must be ruthlessly suppressed.

Above all, this type of bigotry coming from the ill-educated masses – i.e., those without master degrees in multiculturalism (a.k.a, sucking up to Muslims) – should not be allowed to tarnish the Left’s decades-long love-affair with all things Islam. Thus it is imperative that all public statements deviating from the party line – that “Muslim = good” constitutes multicultural apostasy and these sick deviants should be eliminated immediately. (Otherwise, the rest of the progressive agenda is at risk of being exposed as a crock of shit as well, and then where would they be?)

Of paramount concern to the Left, however, is the denial of public space to anyone who dare challenges the central component of their core doctrine: that Western military intervention in the ME is the root cause of the crisis, rather than the consequence of a long history of Muslim political failures. Should this core narrative ever be called into question, and Islam – shock, horror – is publicly acknowledged as the root of all the ME evil, the entire Leftist anti-Western narrative would self-destruct.

To card-carrying Leftists, hearing this devastating news on the radio would be like being one of those Japanese soldiers in the Philippines discovering in 2005 that the war had been over for 60 years. Or like Vladimir Putin on hearing that his favourite piece of architecture, the Berlin Wall, had just fallen down. Or, worse, much, much worse: like those students at a US college recently, horrified to find chalk messages on their campus walls supporting Donald Trump. The trauma would be just too much to bear.

It is critical, therefore, that not an ounce of publicity be given to those who contradict the Leftist official narrative and unequivocally bell the cat, so to speak, which, in this case, is, and always has been, Islam. Blasphemy on this scale, should it become the official narrative, would trigger an explosion of such mass hysteria in the Leftist ranks, that the ensuing strain on the national grid would be catastrophic.

For, nothing is more likely to precipitate the melt down of the public phone networks than millions of Lefties desperately calling for emergency therapy after hearing this God-awful news. That, yes, their favourite pet mascot, Islam, which for many years they have been taught by the Muslim Brotherhood and a con-artist on The Project to love, stroke and to cherish, is in fact a f**king crock. And that it is to blame, and nothing else, for all the woes visited upon the ME over the last 1400 years.
And it’s out to get them. too.

Can you imagine the nation-wide gridlock caused by millions of traumatised Lefties who, on learning this … this sh*t, all jump on their halal-certified bicycles and head off at top speed for the nearest Safe Space?

To Safe Spaces. Where people, who’ve yet to grow a spine, and have suddenly discovered they have pimples (for example), can run to, to be gently soothed and reassured. Where grossly offended Lefties will find gender-neutral colouring-in books to offset the effects of having to live on a planet with people who disagree with them. Where there are rainbow coloured balloons to hold and recycled Green garbage, such as old Bob Brown speeches, to listen to over and over again as therapy for seeing Tony Abbott on the TV. And where loving and caring hirsute women with sexy, but suspiciously deep voices stand ready and eager to counsel them and  pass on exciting and creative new ways of how to remove a penis with a pitch-fork so that they can “find their real selves” again.

And on the wall there will be a lovely portrait of The Queen with a big, black swastika painted over her, so Lefties can feel really at home. And smiling benevolently down at them, also, will be portraits of famous Islamist apologists, such as “Uncle” (“Little Stalinist shit”) Tim Soutphommasane, Waleed Aly, Australian Bozo of The Year, David Morrison, the top Australian Navy Mole, Mona Shindy, the full-time commie, Richard di Natale, and Channel 7’s resident Koranic scholar/all-time nincompoop (you decide), Andrew O’Keefe – all there to reassure and to keep you in complete denial. Anything, just anything, to take your mind off having just been king-hit – big-time – by cold reality. A beautiful sanctuary. A warm and fuzzy place where you can bury your head in the sand after suddenly waking up to find that your favourite teddy-bear is actually your worst nightmare.


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It's just satire, really.
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7 Responses to The God-Awful Truth, And Nothing But The Truth

  1. There really is a Dog. Thank you so much for your voice of reason….in a sea of PC lunacy.


  2. athena says:

    I love this article so much. If only articles like this were more widely distributed.


  3. Mace says:

    Excellent article. You have hit many nails right on the head. I would love to see this published in main stream media — yeah, sure that would happen. Nonetheless I found it so very true, the satire was superb. Ridicule is always the better way to disparage and deflate. I have already shared it with three groups on Facebook. The feedback will be interesting.


  4. Doug4500 says:

    Good job! There is already a sea of people starting to write the truth & shine a bright light on PC, Leftism, unfettered immigration and the great confidence trick of the stain of Islam, but there remains a tsunami of Leftist opposition to work against.

    Much of it is conscious & deliberate but the remainder comes from a mass of the citizenry who are not apace with current affairs & have little interest in global politics.

    This includes but is not confined to the young who have already been exposed to rampant socialist indoctrination in our educational institutions.

    But unfortunately it also includes great mass of people who just simply don’t know, don’t care & don’t give a moment’s thought about how their thoughts and their lives are being manipulated, and who never put pen to paper to express any contrary sentiments.

    These are the people who need educating about the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth.


  5. ozsaf says:

    Exceptional… rational… logical… Australian Liberty Alliance all the way!


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