A Clarification

shindy2Muslimus-chickus Australis

A phone call from Keysar Trad at the Islamic Friendship Association today requesting clarification of my last post. The use of the word “mole”, describing Mona Shindy was misleading, he tells me, because the word “mole” has at least five different meanings attributed to it.

So what did I mean by calling her a mole?

According to my copy of the 14th century Islamic scholar and jurist Shihabuddin Abu al-‘Abbas Ahmad ibn an-Naqib al-Misri’s masterpiece, ‘The Reliance of the Traveller”, the possible meanings for “mole” are:

(a)  A spy
(b)  A dark skin blemish
(c)  A small burrowing animal with dark velvety fur.
(d) (Australian & NZ slang) A woman of loose sexual morals. A bitch, a slut or a prostitute who likes to sleep around a lot. A gal who likes to hang out with all the officers and enlisted men (depending on how many drinks she’s had at the time) and engages in all sorts of rumpy-pumpy, sits on their knees and loudly sings bawdy sailor songs through a drunken haze all night (but not during Ramadan), and generally looks to getting laid as often as possible so that she can pretend to be a genuinely awesome Aussie chick while she’s secretly engaged in a treacherous campaign to Islamicize the ADF.
(e) (Arcane) A wonderful woman from Australia’s Muslim community.*

Of course, I tell Trad, I meant (e).


* From the Latin “Wonderfulis muslimis-chickus ex-communitas Australis.” (Commonly abbreviated by both Tacitus and Marcus Aurelius to “mole.”)

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2 Responses to A Clarification

  1. Mace says:

    The post which revealed this Shindy woman’s extend of Islamisation of the ADF over which she appears to have some pull and push really shocked me. Me — being a seasoned police officer of some eight years. I love my job, I’m proud of my ability, a pride which extends to my integrity & honesty. Yet, our ADF has always held a fascination & admiration. That was until I read the post concerning the ADF and Mona Shindy.
    My initial reaction was contempt for those who accepted this Koran waving Muslim woman into the ADF originally. The contempt, the open lack of respect accompanied by a feeling of intense dislike encompassed all the silly old men who apparently decided that Shindy would be an ideal spearhead to promote & publicize our Defence Forces.
    Did they not understand the extent of the open dislike and distrust of Muslims by the Australian public in general of today ? Did they all live so deeply within the protection, the patrolled perimeter of the Air Force Base, deaf and blind to the world outside — a world which took an instant aversion to demands by Shindy for religious privileges & personal comfort luxury items that were hardly standard issue.
    Her obvious high opinion of her worth to the ADF was astounding in it’s impudicity. The woman had shown a side of her character which could only be called narcissistic. A trait that would far from endear her to the Australian public, we are turned right off by those we say are “full of themselves”.
    Mona Shindy should be discharged from our ADF.
    She is a Muslim and therefore a potential enemy. Their cult demands their first duty is to their prophet. Australia would hardly make her list of priorities in an international jihad situation. Shindy should most definitely not be in any position which could enable her to access confidential; intel.
    The only secure & final safe solution is the one which may hear screams & moans of ‘racially motivated’ decision from her fellow Muslim base which would be echoed by every left-wing radical group in the country.
    Mona will go on her way, together with an extremely large remuneration courtesy of the Australian taxpayers and made possible by the utter stupidity of those foolish old men with more brass than brains.


  2. Austeralix says:

    Yes, all of the above. Quite agree.


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