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Whistle-blowing Monster

 Roz Ward Whistleblower Now, I’ve never met Roz Ward, from the Safe Schools Coalition of Sexual Perverts, but a few people that know this ‘woman’ speak very highly of her. They tell me that, far from being a monstrous, mentally-disturbed, sexually-depraved, Marxist/commie … Continue reading

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Sam Dastayari As readers of my column should well know by now, when it comes to speaking up and taking a stand against the enormous suffering of the victims of unfair discrimination in this great country of ours, no one … Continue reading

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Caliphate Chicks

Sarah Saleh Chickis Caliphatus (Australis), little-cutius, hottus A highly emotional call today from the talented, but quite whacky little Muslim cutie, Sarah Saleh complaining that I mentioned in Monday’s post she’d make a great caliphate chick in Aly’s election campaign. Outrageous, she says, that I would associate her with that … Continue reading

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Limericks for Bill

Bill Shorten (After being asked if he thought he’d make a good PM) In response to the hysteria and manufactured outrage over Peter Dutton’s “refugee” revelations yesterday, I’ve decided to launch the very first ever “BILL SHORTEN IS A PHONY AND A … Continue reading

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This is mind-numbing. It’s high time someone injected some much needed adrenaline into this utterly boring election. And since no one has yet attempted to emulate here in Australia the success of Donald Trump’s exciting “Babes for Trump” campaign, I’ve decided to launch one myself. … Continue reading

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I am Waleed!

Waleed Aly – True Blue? Last year, ”Cait” Jenner hit the world stage as a hero for identifying himself as a “woman.” Last Sunday, Waleed Aly did a similar thing: he identified himself as a “genuine” Aussie. In the case of … Continue reading

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Alas, poor Albion …

Sadiq Khan “Now this is not the beginning, nor is it the end. But it is, perhaps, the beginning of the end.” * Bad sight and sound of the week – and probably of the century – was that of … Continue reading

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Out, Damn Spot.

 Adam Bandt The Greens have long tried to cover up their sense of guilt over the drowning of 1200 boat people by attacking the very solution that put an end to their recklessness– the Coalition’s Border Protection Policy. Now that … Continue reading

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Greens Defence Policy

Peter Whish-Wilson Greens Defence Spokesperson Of course the Greens oppose the $50 billion submarine contract and the rest of the 54 ship-building projects announced by the Coalition, opting to build a few canoes in Adelaide instead, just to prove the Coalition’s … Continue reading

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Shafting the Japanese: A Squalid Little Deal – Or Sound Policy?

The devastating political fall-out over the subs contract going to the French and not to the Japanese continues to resonate. As do the sounds of millions of cheap Chinese champagne corks going “pop”. Despite predicting an unprecedented amount of grovelling and … Continue reading

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