Greens Defence Policy

pwwPeter Whish-Wilson
Greens Defence Spokesperson

Of course the Greens oppose the $50 billion submarine contract and the rest of the 54 ship-building projects announced by the Coalition, opting to build a few canoes in Adelaide instead, just to prove the Coalition’s ex-Defence Minister David Johnson wrong. But the Greens have also strongly attacked the specifics of the French sub deal anyway. According to their shrewd, but rather slack, one might say rather stupid-looking Defence spokesman Peter Whish-Wilson (photo), the Greens argue that the extra 30% cost of awarding the contract to the French would have been better spent on gold-plating the transgender toilets they intend rolling out across the nation once the Greens get elected.

Greens shadow Minister for Trannies Etc, Sarah Hanson-Young, proposes to officially launch the start of the 20 million TG facilities roll-out nation-wide when she personally avails herself of the services of the first of them, destined (I understand) to be commissioned deep inside the bowels of Parliament House.*

To ensure that white, hetero-normative offense is kept to the absolute maximum, Race Commissioner “Uncle” Tim Soutphommasane will either be watching, or next in line – it’s still not entirely clear.  I’d ring Tim to confirm, but we’ve not been on speaking terms since I lost control of myself in this blog a while back and, in a fit of pique, denounced him as a big fat pansy. At the time I didn’t realise he was so sensitive about his weight.
And, I meant pussy, not pansy.


* I’m not sure whether there is a pun somewhere in here or not.

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