Alas, poor Albion …

sadiq khan
Sadiq Khan

“Now this is not the beginning, nor is it the end.
But it is, perhaps, the beginning of the end.” *

Bad sight and sound of the week – and probably of the century – was that of the Islamist Sadiq Khan being declared to be Lord Mayor of London for the next 4 years. And if that isn’t enough to make you want to reach for the nearest sick bag, then add to it the spectacle of his official inauguration in Southwark Cathedral last night, personally fawned and slobbered over by the likes of Sir Ian McKellen and the Dean of Southwark. That should do it.

Oh, hang on!
Sadiq Khan’s a “humanist and a progressive” and supports Gay Marriage, proclaims the craven BBC, the Guardianistas and much of the rest of the not so leftist, rather nervous MSM – frantically shoveling more food down the crocodile’s throat- as they desperately white-wash Khan’s past Islamist indiscretions. So if Khan’s A-OK with them, then Sadiq must be A-OK with Londoners. Unless you’re an Islamophobic bigot, of course.

But for the millions of Salafists in the London (i.e., most Muslims), this might mean he is A-OK for completely different reasons.

For example, their man may be actually saying that it’s being humane and progressive to let Gays get married first – before throwing them off the nearest roof. That could work.
Or that a moratorium (not a ban) should be placed on the stoning of women for adultery, as recommended by that other slippery Islamist heart-throb, Tariq Ramadan, until a later date when there are no infidels left alive to object. In both of these cases, all this European-human-rights-enlightenment-infidel-crap spouted by Khan should also be A-OK with London’s Muslim population, if it only helps usher in the caliphate that much faster.

So, if alarm bells haven’t already been ringing for a lot of good people elsewhere in the West now, they should be. And if London’s non-Muslim population isn’t now getting worried and violently throwing up in their sick-bags about what’s visible on the horizon, then they haven’t been paying attention.

But is this not a watershed, up there with 9/11?
The ease with which Khan got elected – courtesy of Jeremy Corbyn’s rabid, anti-Semite enablers – surely this confirms that the British caliphate is well on its way? And isn’t this election result alone enough to make everyone who cares about western civilisation wonder how the hell this happened? This alarming news, that an Islamist is now in charge of one of the world’s great cities, once the English-speaking capital of the world, isn’t this enough to make you shudder and scream ” what the hell happened?”? Enough even to make Dr Johnson rise up from his 200 year-old grave just so as to open his famous dictionary and capitalise and add exclamation marks to the word “f*ck”? Like this: “F****************CK!!!!!!!!!!” (Then go back and bury himself again.)

Responsible for all of this, of course, are the regressive Left. The poisonous cretins who endlessly trawl the news every morning (in between monitoring their heart-rates on their IPhones), looking for new reasons to spit our their vicious hatred for western civilisation, day in day out. “Dhimm-wits” who proclaim to the world their utter infatuation with all-things Arabian (circa 7th century AD) through sucking up to and grievance-bonding – at every opportunity – with the very entity that seeks to destroy them. Such is the Left’s apparent longing for the Islamic caliphate, and such are the depths of their own self-loathing, you can bet that – when the optimal moment arrives – the white variants will be the very first to offer up their own heads for removal, not just for the crusades, etc, but in abject apology for being born in the first place.

Then you have the MSM sycophantic elites, desperate to maintain their lie that Muslims are just like you and me, no matter that it has been proven to be evident bullshit, time and time again. These same people have been working overtime, in the name of their maniacal multicultural mantra, to dismiss or white-wash Khan’s passed Islamist indiscretions, while praising his professed humanist and progressive credentials.

So, might we not some day soon see – fast-forward a couple of decades – the following scene played out …?
A few people standing amid the rubble of European civilisation. One of them, holding in the palm of his hand the skull of a certain Albion (recently slaughtered), turns to the guy with the beard next to him, and says, “Alas, poor Albion. I knew him, Muhammad.”


* Admittedly, a rather poor paraphrasing of Churchill.

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