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Waleed Aly – True Blue?

Last year, ”Cait” Jenner hit the world stage as a hero for identifying himself as a “woman.” Last Sunday, Waleed Aly did a similar thing: he identified himself as a “genuine” Aussie.

In the case of Cait, it was easy to convince everyone that he really is a woman. All he had to do was to get some breast implants, have lots of cosmetic surgery, swallow tons of pills and pretend he doesn’t have a dick. Then he changed his name and got a bunch of ESPN suckers to award him a “courage” award! Simple!

In the case of Aly, it was just as easy.
All he had to do to convince everyone he was a “genuine” Aussie was to genuinely bullshit a lot on TV, spin a lot of genuine bullshit in his columns implying that he is not really just another f**king closet-Islamist secretly longing for the caliphate, and then get a bunch of leftist suck-holes to award him a Gold Logie! And he didn’t even need to change his name first! Simple!

Personally, though, I find Cait’s act far more convincing.

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