Caliphate Chicks

sara-saleh-2Sarah Saleh
Chickis Caliphatus (Australis), little-cutius, hottus

A highly emotional call today from the talented, but quite whacky little Muslim cutie, Sarah Saleh complaining that I mentioned in Monday’s post she’d make a great caliphate chick in Aly’s election campaign. Outrageous, she says, that I would associate her with that creepy little takfiri lick-spittle and demanding that I stop referring to her as “a little cutie” over the phone this minute and complaining that I’ve never met her before and seen her without her hijab and so how would I know what she really looks like and do I really think she looks cute? and, oh, stop it (giggle), and I haven’t been to any of her silly poetry readings or bought any of her books so it must be because I’m an out and out Islamophobe but here’s a link to her online book store just in case I’m not and another one to her equally-silly human-rights website and what about the poor Palestinians? and she hates my blog but she really likes women too, so let’s meet up some time soon, shall we?

Without question, under all that hysteria, much hotter than expected. Even if I now find myself forced to listen to some of her idiotic poetry, it’s probably going to be worth it.


After Monday’s post, Leigh Sales is strangely silent, as is Turnbull, so I guess it must have been all true. Allegedly.
Nothing yet, either, from Mariam Veiszadeh.

Another call, this time from a friend of Randa telling me that I should have described Randa as “kinda kooky,” rather than “kinda kinky.” When I reply that someone hanging upside down naked from her bedpost while personally signing her books for me could be construed as both, she agrees, then abruptly hangs-up. Obviously peeved that someone else knew Randa that well –  I won’t be hearing from her again.

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