Sam Dastayari

As readers of my column should well know by now, when it comes to speaking up and taking a stand against the enormous suffering of the victims of unfair discrimination in this great country of ours, no one doesn’t give a flying-fuck more than I do. Full stop.

So, in case you don’t get it, that means I really don’t give a flying-fuck about gays not being able to get married, or for their faux, same-sex-marriage bull-shit cause. Nor do I give a flying-fuck for the human-rights of people who believe that there are more than two genders, the human-rights of the gender-fluidity sex-freaks themselves, the hr of radicalised Muslims (that is, all of them), or for the hr of the entire Greens leadership team. All of these people are with out a shadow of doubt clinically insane and deserve to be immediately shot, institutionalised, or at least forced to recant and agree to see a good psyche forthwith.

And it pains me, slightly, (that is, not much) to confess that I don’t give much of a flying-fuck for the human-rights of the Manus Island and Nauru gulag inmates, as only leftist zombie idiots would deny that they weren’t amply forewarned. However, it doesn’t pain me to say that they themselves (the leftist zombie idiots) deserve to be incarcerated there instead on account of it being ultimately all their doing in the first place.

However. Let me be clear that I do give a flying-fuck for the really, genuinely disadvantaged among us: that is, the homeless, our veterans, our farmers and, yes, the indigenous. In the case of the latter, notable exceptions being just a handful, including that prima-donna, buffoon, and object of so much derision (self-inflicted), Adam Goodes, together with that pompous, preening, self-important and forever pontificating pseudo-intellectual* Stan Grant, who is doing very well indeed out of that slippery “All fucking whities are racist pigs … but, kind-of” scam of his, I’m sure he’d be the first to agree.

Getting finally to the point, after Peter Dutton came out with his entirely praise-worthy remarks on the downright trash quality of many of our refugees the other day, like every other sane person in the country on receiving confirmation of what was long suspected, I rejoiced. The rest of Australia of course had the now traditional, de rigueur melt-downs, which involved the usual palpitations and frothing at the mouth followed by endless outbursts of hysteria in the Twitterverse and on MSM. Given that his was to many of us much-needed comedy relief, it was genuinely hysterical, in more ways than one.

As I really, really particularly don’t give a flying-fuck for people who say they are offended, I really, really particularly didn’t give a flying fuck when it turned out that someone like Sam Dastayari was. Dastayari’s “offence” was presumably based on the (correct) assumption that he was publicly included in the same trashy refugee category – by default. This was, as I said, correct, and so I applauded vigorously.

For isn’t this the very same Sam Dastayari, an Iranian immigrant, whose own apparent philosophy, based on his routine behaviour, reflects the central tenet of Labor’s trash brand of socialism, which is to pretend to help the most disadvantaged in society while secretly lining your own pockets and becoming stinking rich in the process? Like Eddie Obeid? And like those shameless ex-HSU criminals, Michael Williamson, Kathy Jackson and Craig Thomson? Because didn’t Dastayari declare his open sympathy for union leaders caught fleecing their workers by helping that obscenely corrupt, bald-face liar Thomson pay his legal bills? (Hint: Yes, he did.)

And didn’t Dastayari also play a major role in oiling the wheels of the Labor Party’s corrupt machine to facilitate the greatest catastrophe that has befallen us in recent times: that is, the ushering in of Rudd and Gillard’s wrecking-ball reign of rack and ruin? And worse, isn’t Dastayari also intending to do the same with the Labor Party’s current head-dickhead?  (Hint: Yes, the little fucker is.)

Doesn’t all this then make Dastayari’s taking offence at being bundled together with other refugee-trash, even more contemptible? Doesn’t his loudly playing the trashy “I’m offended card” confirm that Dastayari himself is trash? That he, who helped bank-roll Thompson’s legal bills and who played a primary role in raising the (above mentioned) political trash up through the stinking sewer of Labor corruption before dumping it all on top of us, and who is now keen to give us more of the same (that is, even more trash) -doesn’t this confirm that Dastayari is even trashier than the usual trash? That Dastayari is, really, beyond trash? That, he is, in fact, UTTER trash?

(These are rhetorical questions: no need to answer.)


*More pejoratives on request.

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1 Response to Trash-Talk

  1. john namnik says:

    *Yes please, more pejoratives. Perfect opportunity to do a follow-up from Sammy’s victimization by Hanson on Q&A …..traumatizing him into a religio-dissonance state like that; now he’s not sure who or what he is apart from wealthy. My God, to think that if Pauline had her way 35 years ago we would never have had a Sammy Dusty-yardi. So please write a sequel [but remember to take your Islamofrofen medication first].


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