DOJ Stand-up Routine

Loretta Lynch
“Compassion, unity and love”

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch stated today that the Department of Justice – which we all know under Obama has long become Muslim Brotherhood-compliant – couldn’t have done more to stop the Orlando LGBT massacre.

Instead, she calls “for more compassion, unity and love to defeat terrorism.”*
(Lynch pauses, until laughter dies down, about a month later …)

Then continues: “Meantime, my administration is working hard, day and night, rolling out more transgender toilets across this great nation of ours.” **
(Exits stage to rapturous applause from CNN news-team and Andrew O’Keefe).

*  * * * * * * *

*Punchline One:    Probably the most hilarious. Far more amusing than just saying                                              “We surrender”.

**Punchline Two. Heart-warming, if you are a special, delicate little Leftist “snowflake.”                                   Very funny, otherwise.



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