Surely Not!

bilshortenSURELY NOT!!!!!!!!!!
How can this possibly be?

Talking about spectres, the ghost of Labor is back again.
Fuck a big black duck: How can this possibly be???!!! How this little prick has come back from the dead defies all rational explanations. No matter the lying on the hustings by Labor about Medicare, and the Superannuation fiasco, Turnbull should never have allowed this transparent fraud get anywhere near to this close to power, and there should be a reckoning.

Clearly, it’s Turnbull’s sheer hubris and monumental vanity that’s to blame, and nothing else. After knifing Abbott last year, this crypto-Lefty has done virtually nothing but walk around, preening himself in front of the electorate, inferring that he’s God’s great gift to Australia. And that was virtually it.

Following the previous six years of appalling mismanagement and incompetence during the Rudd-Gillard reign of terror, allowing this lying, cretinous, back-stabbing weasel and his unionist mates to again get this close to power, defies rational belief. And if Labor actually does get into power, God help us all. 

The only upside, should Shorten creep – and I mean creep – into power, is, that there will be plenty of totally pissed off, crypto-Lefty-hating Conservatives looking on in despair and itching for revenge. More than enough to form a lynching party.

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