Saudis – Business As Usual


We can all stop holding our breaths now about Pokemon Go and be reassured that, as far as the Saudis are concerned, it’s business as usual. Because playing Pokemon Go is now officially haram. The Saudi’s top clerics have declared a fatwa against the game and Muslims have been thereby warned off having anything to do with it.

These cleric crank-cases have given a whole lot of crank reasons to justify this, their latest crank fatwa, but I suspect there is a lot more to it than just witchcraft or secret masonic signs that have given them the heebie-jeebies.

After giving birth to and setting loose on the world the likes of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and other similar Sunni nightmares in the name of Allah, it just wouldn’t do for these, the Saudis’ blood-crazed progeny, to be distracted from their everyday business of mass-slaughter in order to please one imaginary object, by taking time off to chase a whole bunch of other imaginary objects, would it? The clerics would have also noted (to their disgust) the lack of any opportunity for a warrior of Allahs Warriors to behead or massacre infidels – or each other (for that matter) – en masse while playing this stupid infidel game, so what’s the point?

Likewise, a clear abomination in Allah’s eyes would be 1.6 billion Muslims acting normally like the rest of humanity: running around trying to enjoy themselves without slaughtering people in the process. There would be hell to pay if that was to happen.

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It's just satire, really.
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