NT Child Abuse


Absolutely appalled to hear the news about the  treatment of some of our indigenous kids at the hands of their Northern Territory gaolers. Most of these young, impressionable kids have been locked up for the most trifling excuse: knifing a social worker here or there, hurling rocks at human-rights advocates when they come too close, or spitting on visiting Greenies during classroom show and tells – how come these actions are so wrong, anyway? Entirely commendable, if you ask me.

Freedom to do this sort of thing having been so long denied to us grown-ups because of the malignant, politically-correct cancer which infects the entire body of this great nation of ours, it only goes without saying that our youth should now take up the cause on our behalf. And yet, their actions have so far been so trivial (another common one: urinating on the class TV each time Andrew O’Keefe appears). So it beggars belief why they’ve been locked up in the first place. And to read about the appalling abuse inflicted upon these poor, defenceless kiddies, then, for only doing what most of us would secretly love to do were it not for bastards like that Race Discrimination Stalinist-prick commissioner fuck, Tim Soutphommasane, is heart-wrenching.

In fact, the very worst that the cops should do to these mischievous little scallywags, is to give them a light cuff across the ear –  for getting caught in the first place – before sending them happily off on their way. Solitary confinement, tear gassing, beating them senselessly into a pulp – perfectly understandable behaviour when dealing with, say, illegals on Manus, but it certainly is not when dealing with our kids in detention. Waterboarding, stringing them up by their goolies, ramming truncheons up their clackers, nailing their heads to the floor, mock-executions, anaesthesia-free dental work, immolation, flogging, ripping their nails out – all totally warranted if you’re at a loss about what to try next to get them to fuck off back home to Muzi-land. … but to abuse our indigenous children in the slightest way in their own country? Hooding illegals and threatening to throw them out of a helicopter, stapling them by the genitals to a wasp nest, removing one eye and feeding it to the cat, disemboweling then forcing them to eat their intestines … I could go on, but I won’t, because my editor is starting to feel queasy. All I’m saying is that abuse of our own indigenous children of any kind has no place in a civilised society like Australia (though it does have its uses elsewhere) and that the perpetrators should be brought to justice.

Of course, kids found guilty of more serious acts, such as burning the Australian flag, posing for a selfie with Bill Shorten or “pointing the bone” at Pauline Hanson during one of her random school visits, should still continue to be castrated as before, but only after a fair trial. Sick, Leftist behaviour of this kind needs to be ruthlessly stamped out at an early age.

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2 Responses to NT Child Abuse

  1. john namnik says:

    I will re-post this on my FB Community Page, “Speak Freely” if you don’t mind, or even if you do. Just hope Dhimmi Timmy doesn’t read it as he will find that you suffer from a somethingophobia and have you subjected to an 18C waterboarding.


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