Balmain Conference Notes, 2.

lee rh
Lee Rhiannon
Denies being ‘a hard-line Stalinist, anti-Semitic,
crypto-Islamist-loving lunatic.'”

Rhiannon  drones on with her interminable diatribe.
From her commie upbringing by Stalinist parents, membership of the Soviet-funded Socialist Party, to her joining The Greens out of desperation in 1990, after the Soviet Union went pear-shaped, through her years of civil disobedience activism, right up to her becoming an outspoken,  grubby little activist for the anti-Semitic, Islamist front-group, BDS. Then she goes into detail about the gross abuse of Palestinian human-rights “at the hand of the Israeli fascists,” “apartheid,” etc, and my eyes start to glaze over. Question Lee: why should I give a flying toss for the Palestinians’ 70 years of self-inflicted misery brought about by their own ideology, one which ultimately wants to destroy the rest of us too?

But I have always been curious about one thing.
And that is, whether, as a long-time Stalinist working closely with ‘petty bourgeois deviant’ Trotskyites on the Green-Left, like Hall Greenland and Nick Origlass, Rhiannon thought any of those people were ever at any risk of suddenly ending up finding an ice-pick stuck in their brain, as happened to poor Leon in Mexico in 1940?  Or did her Stalinist parents think that that would be just too good for them, and advise her to stay her hand?

Yes, this is pretty vicious stuff, I know, so let’s lighten it up a little …

Rhiannon interrupts her speech to take time out to make a statement.
For the record, she categorically denies “ever being a hard-line Stalinist, anti-Semitic, crypto-Islamist-loving lunatic – despite all that irrefutable evidence stacked up against me.”  And a few of Rhiannon’s old ex-KGB handlers in the audience clap excitedly when they hear this, smilingly knowingly to each other in admiration of their own handiwork. After all these years, she’s still got her cover-story down to pat. Then, back to her psychotic ramblings, and it’s time to start to doze again.

Suddenly, a shout rings out, and everyone rushes to the table at the back of the room. Sarah Saleh, that kinda cute but feather-brained human-rights advocate is flogging copies of her awful poetry again. This time it’s 50% off and a free packet of hummus, but that’s never going to be cheap enough for such puerile rubbish. The disappointed crowd loudly groans before quickly returning back to Rhiannon, who had continued with her lunacy, unfazed.

Another shout from the back, and another rush. This time it’s that contemptuous little prick Andrew O’Keefe who has suddenly turned up out of the blue. The treacherous little shit is offering 150% off his biography, “Years of TV-Toadying for the Caliphate,” plus TWO packets of free hummus. They shout and protest to him loudly, before rushing back to the stage again. A small group of Afghan women stay behind, though, taking turns to carefully take aim, then spit at O’Keefe from a distance. Then a couple of guys lose complete control and scream loudly while they beat him mercilessly with their shoes. Seizing my opportunity, I don a hijab as a disguise and smash his face in with a nearby microphone, but he seems to take it graciously enough.

Rhiannon’s rant comes to an end, finally, with a standing ovation, and they take a break to give her eyes time to return to their sockets. Before the next speaker begins, however, we have another announcement. The very hot-looking, but I suspect, a little kooky Mariam Veiszadeh appears on stage draped in her iconic Australian flag. She asks if anyone’s interested in buying her farcical Islamophobia Register website, which we all know now to be virtually worthless. No takers. After Trump, and now Sonia Kruger’s bravery, the jig is starting to really get up for such bollocks, and she knows it, as she dejectedly exits the stage.

Refreshments are served (hummus) and I go out to take in some air.

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