Census Censorship

shy2Earth Mother

Another person undeserving of our sympathy, this time it’s Sarah Hanson Young. SHY is withholding her name from the census survey, citing the usual Lefty privacy concerns, but my guess is that there is something more to it than that. My guess is that she fears the AFP using the correlated data to determine the true number of evil offspring she secretly spawns each year in her official capacity as surrogate Earth Mother (“in perpetuum”)  for The Greens, would finally lock her up as a public menace, as I and many others have long demanded.

In ‘Memoirs of a Green Queen’, Bob Brown tells us that, though gay and thereby immune to the “seductive lures of that evil temptress,” he was compelled, as leader, to officiate at each consummation. So, he should know. In the new 2016 limited (to me) edition, Bob states that if SHY has maintained the same high degree of enthusiasm for the role since he relinquished the leadership in 2012, he estimates that the numbers of her secret, hideous, Gaia-sanctioned progeny let loose on an unsuspecting Australia public may well now already run into the many thousands.

According to Pauline Hanson, however, there’s a far more compelling reason for SHY’s refusal to comply. Once Hanson’s national inquiry into Islam reaches its inevitable conclusion, Parliament will have no choice but to declare that all collaborators and their vile offspring be ruthlessly hunted down and shot in the streets, without mercy, wherever they can be found. For that purpose, says Pauline, the census data pinpointing their exact whereabouts would be priceless. And I suspect anyone else who is not a Greenie couldn’t help but agree.

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