Dastayari. Again.

Sam Dastayari

So Sam Dastayari has been caught red-handed prostituting his ass to the Chinese, hey? Not to the future caliphate, as one might expect, but to a dangerous horde of hegemonist-wannabees in Beijing who want to appropriate the entire South China Sea (just for starters). This guy, on $200,000 a year plus $95,000-odd expenses is not being paid anywhere near enough more than the stupid working-class losers he purports to represent, and like many of his comrades in the Labor Party, he’s always on the look-out for new ways to secretly line his pockets in the name of social justice.

So why not get a likewise criminally corrupt organisation like the regime in Beijing to foot his expenses bill? Plus a few other odds and ends – political donations, funding junket trips to China, that sort of thing – and, quid pro quo, he”ll make appeasing statements, the most craven and despicable of which so far being his cowardly suggestion that Australia remain neutral in the SCS dispute. Part of this Sino-suck-holing will probably also include defending some of the other iconic aspects of the Chinese mass-murdering communist regime, notably the harvesting of political prisoners’ organs before execution, the repression of Falun Gong and Christianity, the suppression and gaoling of political dissent and the brutal subjugation of Tibet. Just for starters.

We are all familiar with the methods of that infamous Wall Street-hooker, Hillary Rodham Clinton, a shameless political tart who sells her wares to the highest-bidder – “pay to play,” then launders the loot through her family money-laundering scam, the Clinton Foundation. Up until now, compared to her, however, Dastayari was but a contemptuous little turd, floating in a very small pool, yet to make the big time.

Dastayari’s notorious act of helping to bank-roll the loathsome Craig Thompson’s legal defence fund, thereby prolonging the life of Gillard’s criminal regime, first got him noticed by a lot of people around 2011. (By “noticed,” I mean “noticed” as in how a pile of dog excrement lying on the footpath is “noticed.”) Declaring himself a “non-practising” Muslim to Pauline Hanson on Q&A also got Dastayari noticed, shrinking the size of the pile a little, but not by much.

A philosophical question I would have liked to pose here (“You can take the turd out of the Ummah but can you take the Ummah out of the turd?”) would have been a digression, so I’ll leave it for another time.

The latest revelation about Sam Dastayari, that his expense account was paid by a Chinese Communist Party front, the ‘Top Education Institute,’ immediately inflates the Dastayari little pile of shit to immense, dog-pound-like proportions. Uttering craven words of appeasement in the face of Chinese aggression, aggression which might ultimately lead to war, takes this great pile out of the realms of the dog-pound and into the realms of the big-time: state treason. Because if we go to war with China, taking “pay to play” now potentially makes Dastayari Beijing’s very first Australian Quisling.

If this were to be the case, is it not totally reasonable, then, that this Dastayari Quisling-shit should be the very first person to be lined up against the wall and shot if a war between our two countries ever breaks out?  Is it not equally reasonable, too, that, in the meantime, Dastayari were to have his head shaved and “traitor” tattooed in big letters on his forehead?

And am I being a bit too harsh and over the top here again when I suggest that Dastayari should also be tarred and feathered before being (optionally) kicked in the nuts, then publicly paraded naked through the streets of Sydney in front of screaming and spitting crowds baying for his blood? Just for starters?

(Answers on the back of a postcard, etc.)

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2 Responses to Dastayari. Again.

  1. Sue says:

    Well done. You have nailed this guy to a tee.
    Love reading your Journals.


  2. Frank Johnstone says:

    New Convert to your blog, thanks, love it, a must read now.


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