It Must Be Xenophobia


Of course The Greens’ politburo weren’t the only ones collectively choking on their weeties Thursday morning.  Much of the Left were still mid-way through their latest bout of apoplectic fits over Saint Pauline’s glorious return to Parliament a month ago when the Guardian poll news broke. The “Why, oh why is this woman back in Parliament?” hand-wringing, the hissy-fits and the tantrums, and all that self-righteous “Not in my name!” moral-outrage bullshit, right through the daily full-blown twitterati melt-downs (which were, as usual, the most enjoyable).

But then came The Guardian’s shock-horror poll results. “How could this possibly be? they shrieked. Completely stunned, the Left initially couldn’t believe their eyes: half of Australia actually agreed with that appalling Hanson woman? This, this – bloody woman, who just won’t go away?

Backs to the wall, reputations at stake, compelled to rationalise something which was so totally irrational (according to the smug, holier-than thou, moral-relativist narratives they have been trying to convince the plebs to swallow since 9/11), they began to scratch around, desperately looking for answers  Why, oh why have nearly 50% of those polled defied us, their moral superiors, by coming up with all of these wrong, bogan-like answers? They screeched, in indignation

Publicly dismissing half the population of Australians as bigots or Islamophobes, tempting as it was, was out of the question. The Muslim apologist industry had to come up with another, more plausible reason to explain why so many insolent plebs have dared to question the Left’s sickening and obsequious* infatuation with all things Muzzie. They want to stop letting the fuckers in.
Bad news.


(No, unfortunately: still not half-way finished with this post.)

So the Left had no alternative but to play the Xenophobia card.
And they cemented this already well-worn lie with what everyone with just a scintilla of brain tissue knows is yet another outright, bare-faced lie: that this wave of Muslim migrants is NO DIFFERENT from any previous wave of migrants.

This, then, is now the official Party line.
 from now on will be primarily used to explain away this near catastrophic anomaly in the polls. This way they will be able to ignore the poll, and carry on sending the country down the drain as usual.

People who want to halt Muslim immigration must be xenophobic, they cried, objecting in the exact same way they objected to previous migratory waves (Italian, Greek, Vietnamese, Chinese, etc). “Xenophobia:” A very convenient, emergency catch-all, fall-back argument that the presiding clique of multicultural shit-bags has been told (probably by their Muslim-brotherhood equally shit-bag advisors) to retreat to whenever the ignorant citizenry dare complain about the trash that is being dragged through their gates and dumped on their front lawn. Problem is, most of the country have long cottoned-on to this convenient “Xenophobia” label. We all know, just like the “religion of peace” claim, it is utter crap.

For, what are our elites really saying ?
Are they really telling us that all previous migrants were no different from today’s Muslim migrants?  Are they really insisting that those millions of say, Italians, who have come to Australia, also carried within each of them the same, divinely-ordained supremacist imperatives as Muslims? That they too harboured within them the very same injunctions, inculcated from birth and set out unambiguous in texts which medieval retards with beards insist are unalterable, that compel them to feign affinity with their gullible hosts by, for example, accepting gold logies, and to demand special treatment and as much welfare that they can possibly swindle out of the Australian government while isolating themselves on the fringes of Western society, (unless of course they have been lucky enough to have scored a gorgeous, Aussie trophy wife that they can regularly flaunt on TV)?

And are we really expected to believe that when the time eventually comes and their communities are strong enough – next year or a thousand years from now –  that it will be the bounden duty of Greeks, Vietnamese, etc or of their descendants to go out and ruthlessly slaughter to a man every filthy unbeliever they can find including that prize idiot O’Keefe without mercy, and that if anyone should get wind of all of this they should insist as Waleed Aly does that it’s all been taken completely out of context and can we please let him keep both his trophies anyway ..?

I don’t believe it for a minute, do you?


*1. Oxford English Dictionary:  “Obsequious: Noses couldn’t go further up their ar**s”
Also (better still), “Like a conga line of suck-holes.” (Attrib. Mark Latham)

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2 Responses to It Must Be Xenophobia

  1. FatherJon says:

    Good writing, and so accurately outlines the wailing of the leftards. I’m proud to be one of those Aussie ‘deplorables’ – to paraphrase Clinton – who voted for Hanson. I’m uni educated and an ex-lecturer in Humanities so does that still make me a bogan?


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