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Morning again in Cuba? But Why So Little Mourning Down Under?

Fidel Castro “F**k you Yankees: I hate you to pieces.” Poor old Fidel. Dead at 90 and not very much in the way of tribute from his supporters Down Under. Only a couple of old commies and fellow-travellers nostalgic for the good old days: mass … Continue reading

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“Why, I Can Smile, And Murder Whiles I Smile”

 Butler Velvet-tongued, murderous, progressive bigot – or just another Leftist cutie-pie? Teri Butler may not be as physically twisted and deformed as Richard III, but isn’t that often the case with many of these Lefty fanatical, ideologically-twisted female flag-bearing Progressive bigots? Isn’t … Continue reading

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Life OnThe Dark Side

Lydia Shelly “Hate-filled bigot” Lydia Shelly is plainly a hideous woman. Donning a burqa instead of the hijab, however, wouldn’t disguise the type of hideousness I’m talking about, but it might help her anyway. That is, it might help shut out … Continue reading

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Fraser’s F*** Up

Peter Dutton “Reality-check” If the Left begins to froth at the mouth and to start screaming like stuck-pigs over something else someone’s said again, you can bet they have good reason. The reason usually being, of course, that this latest … Continue reading

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ABC – “A Spittoon’s Worth of Perverts”

Noel Pearson, lawyer, academic and slayer of Lefties Just when you think if couldn’t get more depressing for the Left in Australia this year along comes something else to blow them out of the water. Following hard on the heels of Brexit, … Continue reading

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A New Deal

Deal-Maker Before Trump’s triumphant ascendancy to the White House, completely upending and scattering the globalists’ house of cards everywhere, most Americans have been secretly being getting a raw deal. As have tens of millions of other people in the West who have for decades … Continue reading

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America: Nothing, If Not Entertaining

Trump Arrives It was difficult for me to get much done this week. Difficult, as it would be for anyone who spent most of the time rolling about the floor in uncontrollable fits of hysteria. The entertainment began when the … Continue reading

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Punishment To Fit Her Crime(s)

“Yes, cultural enrichment, what a good idea!” DING DONG, THE WITCH IS DEAD! (Well, not entirely) Finally! The prospect that this vile, treacherous woman would ever be leader of the Free World has been well and truly shattered after she … Continue reading

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