A New Deal


Before Trump’s triumphant ascendancy to the White House, completely upending and scattering the globalists’ house of cards everywhere, most Americans have been secretly being getting a raw deal. As have tens of millions of other people in the West who have for decades been concealing their utter contempt for the elites holding the pack of cards in their hands, and for the lousy deals they’ve been subsequently dealt. This soon to be new Dealer-In-Chief promises to change all that with a completely New Deal.

Snatching the deck right out from under the noses of the political establishment (telling them to politely fuck off in the process) Trump is now rigourlessly cutting and reshuffling it. Soon this Dealer-In-Chief will carefully start to distribute the cards, dealing not from the bottom of the deck, as the Left have been doing for decades so as to impose their perverse, globally-progressive agenda on the world, but from the top of the deck. A fair deal for Americans first, relegating the Left’s hysterical, mentally-disturbed concern for everyone else in the world to the back of the queue. And the counter-revolution will have begun.

For the Leftists and the corrupt political establishment holding all the cards up until now, this is cataclysmic: a nightmare of epic proportions. The whole pack of them have been spectacularly misèred, right before their very eyes.  For the deck is no longer in the hands of a bunch of double-dealing, four-flushing, crony-capitalists (who have kept the Leftist celebrities and elites happy by showering them with money), but in the hands of the plebs: the very ones they utterly despise and have been swindling for years. Suddenly, the tables has been reversed. Now, with Trump doing the deals, and people like Steve Bannon Kellyanne Conway and Rudi Guiliani around him, the Left’s own hand – if indeed they get any cards at all – risks being repeatedly trumped before it’s even dealt.

Predictably, the screaming, wailing and gnashing of teeth from the demented Left around the world has already begun. As has the self-righteous moralising from the similarly permanently-outraged Leftist zombies here, Down Under.

But let’s hope for more and more of the horrible same from these imbeciles as the next year or so plays out. For the longer it goes on and the shriller it becomes, it will certainly serve to prove one thing: the righteousness of the New Deal’s cause. And with that, also, that Trump, now playing with not one, but two full-houses (The Senate and The House of Reps.), has also – contrary to what many of us suspected in the first place – all along been playing with a full deck. (And thank goodness for that.)

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It's just satire, really.
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