ABC – “A Spittoon’s Worth of Perverts”

noel-pearson-4Noel Pearson, lawyer, academic and
slayer of Lefties

Just when you think if couldn’t get more depressing for the Left in Australia this year along comes something else to blow them out of the water. Following hard on the heels of Brexit, Hanson’s renaissance and Trump’s election 10 days ago the Left have woken up to find that Noel Person in a speech yesterday at Keating’s book launch publicly confirming what everyone has long privately suspected: that the Australian Broadcasting Commission is miserable, racist, and “a spittoon’s worth of perverse people willing the wretched to fail.”

Or did they already know that?
Did the Left themselves always believe that this might well be the case, given the over-abundance of damning evidence against it? And did each and every one of the ABC’s ideologues and apparatchiks secretly suspect, or know deep down, in their heart of hearts, that they were (in addition to being smug, elitist, self-righteous, crypto-commie, lefty fuck-knuckles) also miserable, racist perverts? Racist, perverse phlegm inhabiting a vessel everyone with any common sense regularly spits at?

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case.
Denial is a hallmark of Lefties and other such perverts when faced with reality. They all think they occupy the moral high ground and everyone else with any intelligence must do the same.  Only their numerous multi-culti PHDs in harmony, diversity and how-to-suck-up-to-Islam etc, have blinded them from recognising the unrepresentative sputum (and miserable, racist perverts) that they are.

Noel Pearson, a tremendous advocate of his people, a great visionary and (as a regular admirer of my blog) far and away the leading indigenous intellect in this great nation of ours has done us all a great favour. By virtue of his aboriginality and political standing his statements are practically immune to charges of racism or of being right-wing bigotry.

Not only is he squeaky-clean, Pearson is an 18C safe-place. He can’t be touched by Triggs or that little Stalinist fucker, Tim Soutphomma-stupid-name.

Completely turning the tables on the ABC, Pearson’s speech has enabled a public verbal free-for-all to be finally set loose against the ABC because no matter how you refer to one of its apparatchiks, it’s difficult to get much lower than with the label “perverse sputum.” And racist and miserable, at that.

The counter-revolution is looking good. 2016 has been a spectacular year.

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