Fraser’s F*** Up

peter-duttonPeter Dutton

If the Left begins to froth at the mouth and to start screaming like stuck-pigs over something else someone’s said again, you can bet they have good reason. The reason usually being, of course, that this latest dose of reality doesn’t quite gel at all with one of their warped progressive narratives.

Peter Dutton’s historically-factual comments that Lebanese Muslim immigration in the 1970’s was (according to advice given to PM Fraser) a huge mistake, really doesn’t gel with the Left at all. In fact it flies against at least three of the Left’s most bankrupt narratives: Firstly, that all immigration is good; secondly, that all Muslim immigration is positively brilliant. And, thirdly, if Muslims are brought in specifically instead of Christian (Maronites), it is positively brilliantly brilliant.

Detrimental effects to the host community (that is, to the rest of Australians) suggesting it wasn’t a brilliant idea after all, no matter how true, are to be ruthlessly suppressed. But if the cat does somehow get out of the bag, then extended periods of self-righteous ranting and raving, hysterical screaming and frothing at the mouth should take care of it.

But for Dutton to also cite the fact that 66% of thwarted Muslim mass-murderers locked up in this country are descendants of that very same 1970’s migrant group, breaches one of the Left’s most draconian blasphemy law. And that’s the one which strictly forbids anyone in Australia from publicly belling the Islamist cat. Add to this stat the additional collateral damage we can blame on Fraser (the wide-spread welfare dependency and fraud, the failure to assimilate, the drive-by shootings, street crime and Middle Eastern crime gangs), then it’s time for the Left to go ballistic.

Time to get a swaggering, arrogant, sanctimonious little fraud to stand up in Parliament to hector and shout and to try to wedge his counterpart across the aisle. That way the Left hoped to catch the sickening sight of the PM’s pompous and equally-arrogant little wimp of an ass wriggling, waffling and side-stepping all over the place, barely uttering a word in defence of Peter Dutton, much less the facts. And they did.

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