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White Uncle Tom

There’s lots of things I’m looking forward to in 2017 but uppermost at the moment is the question of 2016 Australian of The Year. That is, who will be replacing that current dickhead, David Morrison? Whoever the nominee may be, … Continue reading

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Our Son Of A Bitch

Our Man in Moscow “He may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son-of-a-bitch.” That’s how Franklin D. Roosevelt described Nicaraguan strongman Somoza last century, because it was only clear-eyed, ruthless sons-of-bitches like Somoza who were able to do the … Continue reading

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Highly-Esteemed – But an Idiot, Nonetheless

Derryn Hinch A quick, superficial glance at any one of his many appearances on TV over the years would strongly suggest that Derryn Hinch’s otherwise highly-esteemed reputation as an arch pedophile-hunter was a mere disguise, and that he is in fact … Continue reading

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Black and White (Part 2)

“Good Company” And what about that other white ass involved in this case? I speak of that belonging to Cindy Prior’s HR lawyer, Susan Moriarty. It was (I am given to understand) Moriarty’s alleged ruthless prosecution of the 18C extortion racket’s blackmail … Continue reading

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Black and White (Part 1)

If there was ever a case for bringing back lynching and other similar cruel and unusual punishments, then the Cindy Prior case is it. In a last ditch attempt to escape scot-free from trying to use 18C to swindle hundreds of thousands … Continue reading

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Indonesia vs Australia: To Lie Or Not To Lie

Governor Ahok The planned mass prayer/protest in Jakarta tomorrow – and beyond – threatens to turn into a major challenge for Indonesia’s democracy. Islamists want to see the Chinese Christian Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama Governor of Jakarta charged for blasphemy after he … Continue reading

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18C Thought Rort. That Sought, Amounting to Nought?

Cindy Prior About to be REALLY disadvantaged…? Poor old Cindy Prior Cindy has just missed her deadline to appeal against the dismissal of her 18C case and she is maybe about to become really disadvantaged by having her ass sued off by … Continue reading

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Lefty Lunacy Leniency

George Christensen “Gutless”? If anyone had any reason to question Labor lefty Nicholas Reece’s regular presence on Sky News they only have wait until he opens his mouth to learn why. Appearing with Rita Panahi on The Bolt Report last … Continue reading

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