18C Thought Rort. That Sought, Amounting to Nought?

Cindy Prior
About to be REALLY disadvantaged…?

Poor old Cindy Prior
Cindy has just missed her deadline to appeal against the dismissal of her 18C case and she is maybe about to become really disadvantaged by having her ass sued off by some of her whitey victims.

This was probably Prior’s last chance to prevent massive compensation claims from the QUT students she has tried to fleece using the 18C Extortion Racket, and her lawyers may have now blown it. Aided and abetted by the likes of the apparently, quite-demented and quite possibly senile Gillian Triggs and the evil “Uncle” Tim Soutphommasane (along with the rest of the grievance industry) she only has her legal team to blame for missing the date. That, plus her dogged determination to continue with her outwardly (possibly) faux-offense-taking (at least it seems to some, but not necessarily to me, because I can’t be absolutely sure and have no money to fight an 18C case in case I’m wrong, so I may not be completely correct) right through to the bitter end has contributed to her already half-ruined life.

According to reports, Prior was seemingly repeatedly warned about the slenderness of her case. That is, except by her own vulture-lawyer f**ks, who thought they recognised a killing when they saw it. And except by Triggs and Soutphommasane, the infamous multicultural Thought-Police head-honchos, who positively enthused about it, of course.

Knowing she has little chance of covering compensation costs if her appeal has failed, it’s to the latter two that I believe Cindy Prior should now turn for help. This then will give Triggs and Soutphommasane the opportunity to demonstrate to everyone that they really do give a flying f**k about the plight of disadvantaged indigenous people in this country (if not about blasphemous white-skinned students who dared deviate a hair’s breadth from their Orwellian, multicultural thought strictures), and cough up for Cindy themselves. Millions, hopefully.

Then the both of them, Triggs and Soutphommasane, shamelessly despicable little Leftist f**kers not worthy to be spat upon that they are, should then follow the recommendations I give in this blog to all shamelessly despicable little Leftist f**kers not worthy to be spat upon, and that is to do the decent thing: disembowel themselves, while simultaneously taking a running jump off the nearest cliff. Fair-minded Australians of all races would think that it’s the least they can do.

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