Black and White (Part 1)


If there was ever a case for bringing back lynching and other similar cruel and unusual punishments, then the Cindy Prior case is it.

In a last ditch attempt to escape scot-free from trying to use 18C to swindle hundreds of thousands from the QUT students, she attempted to plead her case to be “in the public interest” and that she was therefore not liable for their legal costs. After having her attempt to sue their white asses off on trumped up charges subsequently thrown out of court, she is now desperately trying to avoid the students’ white asses subsequently suing her black ass off right back at her. Fortunately the whitey judge has completely thrown Prior’s pathetic public interest argument out of court, declaring her black ass totally liable (or words to that effect) and that she should cough up.

But the real deal for the QUT whiteys goes beyond simple legal costs. They should be rightly compensated for the effect Prior’s ridiculous 18C case has had on their lives over the passed few years; and there’s no doubt that they intend dragging her black ass through the courts to get financial justice, as she has tried – but humiliatingly failed – to do with their own white asses.

But crippling her financially would not be enough for the millions of fair-minded Australians (well, at least for me and a few of me drinking mates). We demand that Prior is also, if not hung, drawn and quartered, then locked up in the stocks somewhere in the middle of Pitt Street (wherever the foot-traffic is heaviest.) There the public should be free to pelt her with vegetables, stray dog poo and shit-soiled copies of 18C at their leisure for forever and a day.

And shouldn’t Gillian Triggs’ shameless white-ass, along with the (outwardly, at least) yellow ass of that half-Lao, half-Chinese, French-born, now apparently dinkum Aussie mate of hers, “Uncle” Tim Suchastupidname join her in this public humiliation? These two f**kers’ unwavering support for the evil 18C inquisitions damns them utterly, and so it should be. They are even more deserving of a cruel and unusual punishment than is Prior.

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It's just satire, really.
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2 Responses to Black and White (Part 1)

  1. Don Pelayo says:

    The worst of Tim Suchastupidname is that he advertises himself as a “philosopher”. Can’t think of any philosopher who ever battled against free speech. Will we ever see any philosophical thesis from this tosser? I doubt it. Who put this ridiculously overpaid snowflake in a position where he can rule over us?


  2. Austeralix says:

    Labor party apparachiks put him in power. Like they did with his demented counterpart, Gillian Triggs. The sooner they go, along with 18C, the better.


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