Black and White (Part 2)

“Good Company”

And what about that other white ass involved in this case?
I speak of that belonging to Cindy Prior’s HR lawyer, Susan Moriarty. It was (I am given to understand) Moriarty’s alleged ruthless prosecution of the 18C extortion racket’s blackmail provisos that was key to Prior successfully raking in thousands of dollars in out-of-court settlements from the other entirely innocent QUT students; the ones who just wanted the case to go away. If this was the case, and Moriarty was an absolute bitch in this regard, shouldn’t her pitiless white ass be also dragged through the courts, if not subjected to a cruel and unusual punishment?

Moriarty’s diabolical surname certainly hints at the latter option as the most appropriate outcome. Given that Sherlock Holmes’ evil, arch nemesis, Moriarty, ended up going over the falls at Reichenbach, Switzerland, wouldn’t a similarly dramatic end be appropriate for this heinous, modern namesake of his? Wouldn’t it go down as an equally dramatic and exciting moment in Australian history if Susan Moriarty were to first have copies of 18C shoved down her throat before being dramatically thrown to the sharks off Sydney Heads? Surely this would make for great drama. And it would be an entirely fitting end – especially as she would subsequently find herself in good company.

Or am I being too harsh here?
Am I not giving Prior’s white, cracker-ass-cracker flunky enough credit for just doing her job? That is, her lawyer’s job, which is to advocate the best outcome for her client?

Am I not here doing Susan Moriarty a great disservice by insinuating, for example, she doesn’t have the very best intentions in mind for any down-trodden, disadvantaged nobody who happens to drag his/her ass into her office one day when she instantly reaches for her copy of 18C?

Would it not, instead, be far more appropriate to praise her for immediately bringing to all of her sorry-ass clients’ attention this tailor-made, legal, get-rich-quick-scheme for deprived Aussies (i.e., those white-ass-challenged, with a grudge and desperately short of dough?) Shouldn’t Moriarty be commended for recommending to Prior this ideal anti-white-male money-spinner as a quick, surefire means for the white-privilege-challenged to top up their coffers by suing the ass off the nearest whitey on the most trivial grounds possible?

Or am I being just too black and white in my arguments again?
Instead, would it be better for me to think kindly of Moriarty’s alleged ruthless pursuit of the QUT students’ white asses as being just par for the course for any self-loathing, white liberal anti-discrimination lawyer? Instead of vilifying her, is there any reason, then, why I just don’t just simply relegate her to the same category of low-lifes Shakespeare must have had in mind when he wrote “First, kill all the lawyers,” so that I can finally finish this post and be done with it? 

(Comment is free, but beware of 18C!)

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