Highly-Esteemed – But an Idiot, Nonetheless


Derryn Hinch

A quick, superficial glance at any one of his many appearances on TV over the years would strongly suggest that Derryn Hinch’s otherwise highly-esteemed reputation as an arch pedophile-hunter was a mere disguise, and that he is in fact nothing more than a gibbering idiot. But last week’s performance in the Senate, chopping and changing his stance on the Backpackers’ tax and effectively neutering the government’s ABCCC legislation, increased his idiocy standing even further. The Senator for Victoria had suddenly morphed into a typical poly.

And if there was any proof needed that this was indeed the case, you only had to watch Hinch later trying to justify his disgraceful Senate performance on Sky’s Paul Murray Show. Watching and listening to him, one could easily imagine (but not quite see) Murray’s eyes (along with those of the rest of the panelists) rolling in their sockets as Hinch wittered on in his inimitable way (i.e, like a gibbering idiot) pathetically trying to excuse his irresponsible and appallingly inept behaviour.

A few moments later you could imagine (but not quite see) Murray’s eyes (along with those of the rest of the panelists) literally popping out of their sockets as Hinch suddenly decided to recite a silly, and extremely racist ditty from his NZ youth about “n***ers.”

Now, I’m all for allowing anyone a forum for speaking freely, don’t get me wrong. But when it comes to providing a gallery for a gibbering idiot who sees nothing inappropriate in following up a tirade of pathetic excuses for acting like a complete idiot in the Senate by reciting off-colour ditties on National TV, that gallery should be – and only be – a peanut gallery in Taronga Park. More specifically, alongside the rest of the rhesus monkeys, one of which  (I seem to recall from my last visit) Hinch closely resembles in both manner and voice.

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