Our Son Of A Bitch


Our Man in Moscow

“He may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son-of-a-bitch.”
That’s how Franklin D. Roosevelt described Nicaraguan strongman Somoza last century, because it was only clear-eyed, ruthless sons-of-bitches like Somoza who were able to do the dirty work needed to help hold the line against the communist insurgencies. And in Latin America right up until the late 1980s, it was very dirty work, indeed, requiring a string of dictators like Somoza. Dictatorships of political expediency, they were called.

Fast forward to 21st century Aleppo.
Vladmir Putin (to some) may be a son-of-a-bitch, but right now, when it comes to dealing with Wahhabism,  he’s our son-of-a-bitch.  Purely in terms of the Middle East, counter-jihadists regard him as a God-send: the proverbial knight in shining armour, it’s true. (Clearly the case with Trump, though they are not going to publicly say as much in so many words.)

For, unlike that spineless pansy currently occupying the White House, Putin, along with his own son-of-a-bitch in Damascus, Bashir Al-Assad, have long known that showing no mercy and bombing shit out of all jihadists – not just ISIS – is the only thing that will stop them. Proof positive: Chechnya. So bomb they will.

With the fall of Aleppo imminent, the deranged Guardianistas here in Australia have already started wailing and gnashing their teeth and screaming “war-crimes!”: the sort of HR hysteria they always belly-ache over when the good-guys look like they may be winning. And when some of their so-called “moderate” Muslim mates – after being outed by those sons-of-bitches Russkies long ago as being no different from ISIS – also get the shit bombed out of them, the hysteria reaches fever-pitch. Let’s hope it continues. Both the Leftist hysteria and the bombing, I mean. At least until Assad wins, that is.

Similarly, Leftist meltdowns have already started over Trump’s inspired appointment yesterday of Rex Tillerson, a close friend of Russia, as Secretary of State. Not surprisingly, the ink has barely begun to dry on the paper and they have already started foaming at the mouth and going into convulsions.

That that beyond-the-pale, newly-elected, son-of-a-bitch Trump might in any way have common cause with the one in Moscow is just too horrible to contemplate for these sanctimonious and clearly unhinged snowflakes dwelling among us. And given that both these two rightly regard their (the Left’s) perverse, sicko progressive global agenda (which have proven to be such enthusiastic cheer-leaders for the Islamification of The West) in such utter contempt, it’s no wonder they’re wailing and nervously eyeing the exits to the nearest safe-space.

Meantime, as the Trump Team prepares to hit the floor running in January 20th, the world-wide, counter-jihad movement can only stand back, admire and gaze wide-eyed in wonder and break into spontaneous applause, as our son-of-a-bitch in Moscow shows the Americans how it’s done. Though we know for Trump, in this matter a least, there should be no learning curve.

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