White Uncle Tom


There’s lots of things I’m looking forward to in 2017 but uppermost at the moment is the question of 2016 Australian of The Year. That is, who will be replacing that current dickhead, David Morrison?

Whoever the nominee may be, he/she’s certain to be a luvvie peddling one of the Left’s pet causes, and no one else. If it wasn’t evident before, Morrison’s own opening remakrs, confirmed him as a Leftist-stooge and confirmed committee’s rampant ideological agenda (as if we didn’t know already.)

For in choosing Morrison for 2015 AOTY, the multicultural maniacs therein had decided they weren’t going to nominate someone worthy of the title of AOTY. Instead, they carefully examined the bottom of their shoes and came up with Morrison – an ex-military arse-wipe with a reported* ‘transgender-Christian-hatin’-muzzie-luvvin’ foot fetosh’: an ideal platform for delivering a year’s worth of anti-white Australia leftist bile to the public, don’t you think? That is, in Morrison, the Left had a self-loathing middle-aged, white hetero male supremely placed to propagate the Left’s anti-middle-aged, white hetero male hatred  – direct.

Unashamed, enthusiastic, wholehearted in the service of the Green/Left’s multicultural diktat which seeks to destroy all that is good about white civilisation, David Morrison is someone Australia’s never seen before. He is a White Australia’s first Uncle Tom.

For the Aussie heartland, however, Morrison’s opening remarks were proof enough to see him as this, and for them to consequently dismiss him out of hand. For anyone with at least half a brain (i.e., non-lefties) here was sufficient cause to ignore everything this self-loathing, anti-Christian, Western civilisation-hating wanker was going to say for the rest of the year. They’d much prefer to be lectured by a drover’s dog than by this buffoon.

But growing evidence that the commissars had chosen an utter imbecile as the AOTY began to rapidly accumulate as the year progressed. Morrison fatuously proclaiming that Australians should not use the word ”guys” when referring to men and women as a whole proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt. It became irrefutable: Morrison is a complete imbecile (plus all of the above.)

And then we have (earlier this month) Morrison pulling out of his National Press Club speech – obviously out of cowardice: fear of being questioned about his conduct in the Jedi Council sex scandal – putting Morrison’s standing, and that of the motives of AOTY committee who chose him, beyond contempt. Morrison is indeed a contemptible coward (plus all of the above, let’s not forget) and the sooner we are rid of him the better.

Whether or not the AOTY 2016 will be another Uncle Tom, a white hetero male eager to spout the anti-white-hetero-male lobby’s propaganda, or just some idiotic “diversity” specialist or the like, remains to be seen.  One thing’s certain: given the political make-up of the committee, the next AOTY is guaranteed not to be one of us deplorables.


** As listed on his CV
** Allegedly. He may actually be a secret closet-Queen** for all I know, but I have no real proof.


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