Reds Under The Bed


Excellent news that the prolonged, giant dummy spit by the Democrats over their election loss, blaming it on the rascally Russkies, has hit an unexpected snag.  Attempts to poison the well of Trump’s-inspired potential thaw with the Russians by expelling 35 of their diplomats has been met with Putin shrewdly deciding not to retaliate.

In the fun days of the Cold War, when reds under the bed hysteria was Washington’s daily mantra, expulsions of Russian spies by the Americans was almost immediately followed by tit-for-tat expulsions from Moscow. Nothing has changed much since then: the stock-standard mindsets of both Republicans and Democrats make them see Russians in their soup on a daily basis, and are quick to resort to Russian-bashing whenever things go wrong in their own evil, hegemonic aspirations for world domination. Bill Clinton ridiculously blaming them for his appalling wife’s election loss was typical.

But Obama’s last ditch attempt to prove he has balls looks to have failed because Putin surprised everyone. Deciding not to retaliate, publicly holding his fire, he’s waiting to see what happens once Trump gets into office. In doing so, his contempt for Obama became abundantly clear – as if it wasn’t clear enough – straight after totally shafting him and his pathetic, knuckle-dragging moron side-kick (John Kerry) in Aleppo.  That great wuss, Obama, trying to demonstrate he wasn’t a wuss after demonstrably being one for the passed 8 years, has been shafted by Putin once again.

The claim that expelling the diplomats was in retaliation for hacking the US elections is an utter joke of course, and breathtaking hypocrisy. The idea that only the US – and the US alone – is allowed to hack or bug everyone and everything, as revealed by Snowden, is beyond absurd.  (Besides, the rascally Russians – along with every other country which has the capability – have being hacking and bugging everyone else in the world as they’ve seen fit since the beginning of the 20th century. So nothing new there.)

So why should Obama be expressing so much outrage now if it wasn’t an attempt to delegitimise Trump’s election and his public desire to work more closely with those “nasty” Russians? Could the reason be because it was those very same “nasty” Russians who did the world a tremendous service of revealing the true extent of the Clinton campaign’s lying duplicity by hacking and publishing (courtesy of Wikileaks) John Podesta’s emails, thereby helping to further shaft that monumental, lying fraud, Hillary Clinton, and making the way for Trump?
Yes, that’s the reason. (In case you weren’t sure)

So like the Americans, do you seem to be seeing Russkies everywhere these days?
Are you finding them under your bed, and seeing them in your soup? So you should,  so you should: because they are now there aplenty.

But with the Western liberal MSM constantly shoving fake news down our throat on a daily basis, I personally don’t really care. Give us more Russians, I say. And of course their ability to deal appropriately with jihadists of all kinds by bombing the living shit out of them as needed (always), has proven to be doubly useful, and shouldn’t go without mention, don’t you think?

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1 Response to Reds Under The Bed

  1. irinadim says:

    I enjoyed your take on “reds under the bed”. You’re right, they’ve all been snooping and hacking, but Putin is a smart fish and so is Trump. Both of them want a better relationship, so let’s hope they work together to take out ISIS.


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