Face Up To Racism, Whitey

Ray Martin
Well-meaning, but feather-brained dope?

This Sunday sees the launch of ‘Face Up To Racism Week,‘ SBS’s latest all-out onslaught on Australia’s recalcitrant white populace and, as would be expected from the lefties and luvvies in La La Land, the levels of excitement and virtue-signalling joy in anticipation has reached near fever-pitch. For this, these idiots just can’t wait. Because their comrades over at SBS have been whipping them all up into a frenzy, signalling weeks in advance through a relentless advertising blitz, what the party faithful can expect: a 7-day orgy of hand-wringing, tears, anguish, and – above all – white guilt, presented, as usual, by that well-meaning, but clearly feather-brained dope, Ray Martin. As I said, they can’t wait.

The degree to which even occasional SBS viewers like myself have been bombarded and softened up for this series would be enough to make even Goebbels stand up and applaud wildly from his grave. And there’s no sign this sort of religious fanaticism from SBS is going to stop any time soon because their core doctrine is not at all about original sin, but about ultimate sin: that of being born white in the first place. And only the cleansing power of lefty hectoring programs like Face Up To Racism Week – presented, as I said, by a feather-brained dope – can possibly provide whitey with his salvation. Otherwise they will continue to be utterly damned (that is, by SBS, the ABC, etc, but of course not by anyone sensible).

Taking their cue from the regimes to which they are apparently so enamoured (Nazi Germany, East Germany, the Soviet Union, The Muppets, etc), the multicultural maniacs over at SBS have been lecturing the white populace over recent years ad infinitum with its continuous series of anti-racist guilt-trips. So Face Up To Racism Week, the most recent incarnation of their shame stick with which to bludgeon whitey to death proudly proclaims to everyone that, (despite the advent of Hanson Brexit and Trump), it’s full steam ahead! That is they, along with their fellow cohorts of elite, smug, sanctimonious shits in the ABC and the HRC will not rest until all filthy racists – that is, the white race (pause to spit contemptuously) – and every last shred of evidence of their filthy racism – that is, Western Civilisation (pause to spit again) – is expunged from the planet.


Even if you are not a lefty or a luvvie and merely watch SBS not out of ideological zeal, but to view the football and occasional good documentaries, or to check out the news from a lefty’s standpoint (before putting a bullet through the screen), the Face Up To Racism ads have been impossible to evade.  Even if you have miraculously managed to avoid seeing them on SBS at all, then you are most definitely going to soon be got at by the array of ‘out of home’ billboards and advertising on public transport, shopping centres etc supporting the TV broadcasts.

Either way, there is no possibility of misunderstanding SBS’s message: if you’re white, then you’re guilty as hell. And the only thing that is going to save you is to be born again, ushered into multiculturalism’s perfect paradise by watching this series and facing up to your disgusting racism. When the series comes to a close, I presume, after confessing your crimes on Twitter, you go out and do something like hug the nearest Apex gang member as penance. Or alternatively, volunteering to blow Waleed Ali at the end of each Ramadan. (Judging by the smile on their faces each time they meet, the latter seems to have worked well enough for Martin.)

But if you’re ‘a person of colour’ you can’t be a filthy racist at all, according to SBS’s definition, and so no such possibility can ever be entered into. Instead, as one of the chosen ones – i.e., non-white and ideally wearing a hijab – you are to be gee-golly-goshed at, fawned and gushed over and generally sucked up to at every opportunity. If this is the case, SBS’s campaign is not aimed at you.

Nevertheless, if you happen to be one of the above and a particularly stupid one at that, wearing a hijab and suffering from a well-known mental disorder of some kind, my guess is that the series is worth taking a look at. Because Face Up To Racism Week can help to remind you of the shameful white trash who created this racist hell-hole called Australia in the first place, before that same white trash conned you or your parents into migrating to it and, later, somehow managed to dupe you into appearing on Q&A only to have Jacqui Lambie subsequently scream at you.

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1 Response to Face Up To Racism, Whitey

  1. Don Pelayo says:

    ” ..if you’re white, then you’re guilty as hell.” That’s right. No safe space for us, just collective suicide. Check in your privilege!


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