Ambassador for Misogyny

Another Alleged Feminist Muslim Babe

Still haven’t heard back from that (allleged) feminist mussie babe, Yassmin Abdel-Magied yet. Perhaps she’s off on another one of her tax-payer funded overseas junkets again. Probably out now, gallivanting all around the Middle East, promoting the glories of Tony Jones’ long-running Islam suck-holing service, Q&A.  Or perhaps ‘Yassie’ (as she is referred to by all her idiot friends on Twitter) is still refusing to talk to me after I referred to her in my blog the other week as “that mentally-deficient trollop.”

But Yassie-baby should know that I was only quoting from the Prophet who, according to Bukhari, said the same when explaining why woman’s testimony is only worth half that of a man. So it’s probably not that. And at the time, Mohammed could not possibly have been referring to sensible women – those outside the Middle East (none of whom he could ever have met) – so he was undoubtedly right at the time.

No, my guess is when Mohammed called women mentally-deficient he would have come to that conclusion after marveling at all those gushing nincompoops in head-scarves who, despite their butchered clitorises, still continued to enthuse over this sicko racket of his that he dreamed up.

As for the word ‘trollop’, university-graduate Yassie would be the first to agree that it’s a close fit. Prostituting your liberating, feminist ideology to the cause of white-washing and promoting in Australia the complete opposite: a perverse, oppressive and misogynist ideology? There seems to be no better word for it, does there Yassie-baby …?

(Yassie! Call me!)

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1 Response to Ambassador for Misogyny

  1. Don Pelayo says:

    Love your style. Spot on!


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