Fast Forward 1400 Years


Penny Wong
“The injustice of it all”?

Mohammed certainly wouldn’t have dismissed as mentally-deficient many of those non-Middle Eastern women appearing on the scene 1400 years or so later, certainly not women such as our own Caroline Overington, Janet Albrechtsen, Julie Bishop or Pauline Hanson.

And there are even quite a few lefties (not including that babe, Yassie, of course), who mostly do seem to be dealing with a full deck, misguided though they might be.  Penny Wong, for example, whom we know is quite a smart cookie and not short in the mental department at all, but in the Y chromosomes department, which is the reason she joined the Labor Party in the first place, I presume, out of the injustice of it all. But others, similarly falling short, didn’t take leave of their senses and join Labor to fight for compensation as Penny probably did, so I find myself (sadly) unable to paint with a broad brush once again.

My guess is that if the Prophet were alive today he wouldn’t even bother questioning the mental qualities of women in The Greens. No matter how much they madly fall over themselves sucking up to him every time he mentions his views on the Jews, for example, they would all have been put to the sword just as soon as they started spouting their climate science, mumbo-jumbo, witchcraft stuff. No sign of any active mental activity there. Kill them. Similarly, if they break into uncontrollable blubberings, as does Sarah Hanson-Young each time she’s reminded of the 1200 refugees she helped drown. No time to listen to that, either. Kill her.

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