Chin-Chin to Lee Lin Chin

llcLee Lin Chin
A ‘kooky-looking un-babe’ to some, yes, but a
‘National Treasure’ to others (kinda).

With all this excitement about FU2 Racism Week,  I completely forgot to tune into the regular weekend horror show, a.k.a., SBS World News last night. Not to see what’s happening in the world, but to check out the ghoulish little homunculus usually presenting it, and see what on earth she’s wearing tonight.

My guess is good as anyone’s as to why Lee Lin Chin is still there after all these years, but how about this for starters?: This regular 6.30 news broadcast-cum-freak-show masks the rabid political correctness that lies behind sticking with an annoying, often hideous-looking un-babe newsreader who insists on over-enunciating almost every word she utters, and on infuriating pedants like me with her frequent miss-placed word stresses (It’s “DAR-wun”, Lee Lin, not “Dar-WIN.)

Or, how about this possibility? To make their sicko news show far more palatable …
SBS’s reasoning being, “If the outfit Lee Lin’s wearing tonight doesn’t make you want to instantly throw up all over the place then you’ll probably be fine with the next item where we start shoving more imagery of happy Aussie-flag-waving Muslim school kids down your throat again.”

Or perhaps, “Tonight, completely empty your stomach well in advance by taking a look at what Ms Repulsive Ghoul has chosen to wear this time. That way to better prepare yourself for another vomit-inducing Julia Gillard interview by that sickeningly-obsequious Christiane Amanpour CNN chick that follows shortly. ”

In all fairness, though, and to her great credit, this little Chinese-Indonesian Aussie battler is also a true professional. Rarely displaying any partisanship (other than perhaps a kooky preference for necrophilia) while reading the news: which is the way supposedly neutral newsreaders are supposed to conduct themselves anyway.

And there is no doubt that, because of this and Lee Lin’s dogged determination to successfully (that is, kinda) shake off the earlier commonly-held unfair view by many of her being just another SBS token chinky, she has worked her way into our hearts, becoming an enduring national treasure, now acclaimed by millions across this great nation of ours. (Kinda).

That she is adored and idolised by very stupid Australian luvvies everywhere is undeniable. So much so that my guess is that, if Lee Lin suddenly (and very unfortunately) died, they would demand that she be immediately canonised. Ideally (according to this same pipe-dream of mine, at least) with her millions of devotees offering her ashes up to heaven to rapturous applause, and with her irritatable detractors (like me) having already left nothing to chance by ensuring all traces of her ghastly outfits had been cremated along with the body.
Let’s chink our glasses to that possibility, shall we? (Chin-chin.)

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