Pavlov’s Dogs

petersen-and-eanusJanice Petersen and Anton Enus

When it comes to exposing the suffocating multicultural orthodoxy assailing the nation’s sensibilities every day, it would be remiss of me not to expose other chinks (so to speak) in SBS’s armour of respectability. Not as obvious as the Lee Lin Chin eyesore (see previous post), the Janice Peterson/Anton Enus duo’s weekday barrage endorsing the party line is nevertheless far more insidious.

In contrast to Chin’s horrific outfits, which serve no other purpose than to distract us from what’s really going on, it’s this pair’s crypto-Stalinist virtue-signalling, ranging from gushing enthusiasm to barely-controlled fury, that helps SBS paper over the cracks in Australia’s multicultural nightmare. Stalinist, because there is little difference between the on-air manner of Petersen and Enus (the latter whose surname, it should be noted, rhymes with schlong) and that of their North Korean female news-reading counterparts.

The newsreaders whose shrieking voices reach a near crescendo of multiple-orgasms at the bare mention of the name of their dear leader, while alternatively spitting hatred at the despicable crimes of the filthy US imperialists. What these two SBS stooges (for that is what they are) have in common with their North Korean commie mates is the demand that they act, on cue, like Pavlovian dogs in their role in helping to perpetuate the progressive Left’s repression of Australia’s national psyche.

Hilary Clinton on the campaign trail? An athlete in a hijab?  Gays going off to NZ to get married? Then cue Petersen excitement and fawning enthusiasm. Cue Enus’ beaming, but craven expression of unmitigated joy. Trump on the campaign trail? Cue Petersen’s frowning, barely-contained outrage. Contrast that with the joyous, uplifting excitement that was trumpeting the prospect of the woman presidency-to-be (not).

President Trump? (WTF?)  Cue Petersen’s look of disgust; reporting through gritted-teeth. Scenes of SHY watching more of her S.A wind-turbines falling over? Sudanese migrants found with shit-loads of other people’s wallets in their pockets? Transgenders with only 5 toilets to choose from?  Jihadists losing their welfare benefits? Then cue tragedy: A crest-fallen Petersen, reporting in heart-wrenching tones. Cue glum-look on the face of her schlong supporting act.

But bad sight and sound of the year so far has to be the very first SBS item on Australia Day this year. Gratuitous, vomit-inducing images of Muslims excitedly waving their newly-acquired citizenship certificates splattered across our screens, accompanied by Petersen’s enthusiastic, gushing, practically having her own on-air multiple-orgasms at the wonderfulness of it all. That, combined with the rapturous, village-idiot-like smiles on the face of her johnsonian side-kick, the message has always been abundantly clear. And that is, when it comes to emoting the party line, the North Koreans really don’t have a patch on these two.
(Well, not quite, but you get my drift.)


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