Hurstville School Surrender-Monkeys

narineMarine Le Pen
Islam’s nemesis?

The Georges River Hurstville Boys College’s craven capitulation to Islamistc blackmail, coercion and deceit should be roundly condemned. This act of monumental cowardice by these abject, taxpayer-funded surrender-monkeys allowing the thin edge of the Islamist misogyny wedge to make further inroads into one of Australia’s greatest cities, is beyond the pale. The decision, based on one of many of the malevolently misogynist Mohammad’s diktats, that school boys should not have to shake the hands of girls, will help normalise the otherwise defacto presence of the Islamist ideological perversity in Australia’s otherwise free and open society. It also further legitimises Islam’s doctrine of misogyny and gender segregation in Australia overall, again giving the lie to that mentally-deranged Q&A trollop Yassim Abdel-Magied babe’s ravings that Islam is a feminist religion.

However, if the school’s decision wasn’t a capitulation to Islamist intimidation, then it was a deliberate act of sedition. Which means that those responsible are Leftists, in active cahoots with a toxic ideology at war with us, from without and within. It also confirms the Left’s breathtaking hypocrisy: willing to abandon their own gender-equality principles in order to suck-hole up to their Muzzie mates again.

Needless to say, whatever their motivation, the government should immediately withdraw the school’s funding if the decision-makers aren’t summarily fired and the immediately decision reversed.

In stark contrast, however, we have the inestimable Marine Le Pen refusing to lower herself by donning a scarf when meeting with Lebanon’s Grand Misogynist, Abdel Latif Derian.

What a woman!
Marine Le Pen is the very polar opposite of any of those mentally-deficient nincompoops who regularly appear in head-scarves on Q&A doing Islam’s bidding. Highly-intelligent – and in full possession of her faculties, Le Pen is precisely the type of woman Mohammad feared most.

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